I want to yeet myself with air pressure - when new atmos is coming?

Very soon. First testmerge was about 24 hours ago. A new type of firelock is being introduced and then they have to be applied to all the maps.




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I’m looking forward to the first few times someone (probably pirates) tries breaking into the station from outside

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Can’t wait to not be able to get out of the smallest hole caused by a minibomb

Eagerly awaiting the inevitable atmos cannons from this

Old atmo’s space wind isn’t even strong enough to pull out a guy sitting on a wheelchair

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Magboots will be even more valued now.

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I feel like the outerspace windows could probably do with a buff or something if we’re gonna get monstermos like this, might make places like just above the bridge too vurnerable to a shitter with a fire axe.

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Get cornered by sec and break glass behind you to escape

just kidding get executed on the spot

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windows are getting health quadrupled along with firelocks on the windows bordering space

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Wait will pipes explode from too much presure? that would stop all fusion making which is unfunny

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Don’t merge it you son of a bitch

why not bruh bruh

it’ll be fucking legendary

room based atmos is cringe

why and how

20 character gang rise up

I got nothing against a fast depressurization but atmos should be tile based. Opening a can of trit shouldn’t instantly fill the whole room with trit.

Imagine opening fusion in the emergency shuttle and it instantly fills with game-breaking juice

take out the fire alarms first, got it.


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