I took a break and now things are different

So I took a break for a year or two and I recently came back a few weeks ago. I’ve noticed:

  1. Golden is gone (as far as I can tell)
  2. Assistants don’t start with maint access anymore
  3. Alot more station variety, as well as a bunch of small stuff being different like the PDA UI

I’m curious about 1 and 2 though, what happened and why? Also are there any other changes I should know about that I might have missed?


Aye gold died because for some reason everyone migrated to sage without going back on bee, think it was because golden died for a few days so they could only play on sage and once gold came back they just stayed on sage.
Assistant not having maint access may just be a coder getting angry at grey tiders getting all the maint lot.
Now we don’t you use the cloner whenever someone is dead, it uses too much synthflesh.


we’re a roleplaying only server now. No gaming allowed.

if you have been gone that long, proabbly good to re-read the rules and such shit, we’ve fucked with that stuff a bunch.

some code changes, like supercruise

But mainly, we’ve shifted over fully to being a roleplay server.


Because assistants are supposed to assist. They’re expected to report to the HOP (or other command member) to get a job. Removing maints access was intended to make them stop being tunnel rats.

Here’s a link to the rules that herr headmin referenced.


that’s interesting, I like it actually, it means med will actually have to do surgery.

Fly and Squid race are dead… Apids have customization now though

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Ah ok, that makes sense from an RP perspective. I’ll miss it when I play assistant without a HoP around though.

If I recall correctly (might have been a different server) you used to have a tiny chance to become a fly from like radiation or teleport or something. RIP flyguys.

We still have that chance! They just aren’t a roundstart race anymore.

You can get the access from whoever acting captain is as well in the absence of a HoP.

There’s a pretty solid chance they’ll still oblige you to have maints access and be the classic greyshirt without much of an actual job unless there’s a critical shortage somewhere. Just ask for maints with an offer to take care of rodents and help engineering keep the power net running. The actual act of greytiding into departments for little or no reason is pretty heavily frowned upon now though, so I’d advise against falling back on that.


Ok, understood.

Unless upgraded. Then it’s like 13u per person.

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An unupgraded teleporter will have a small chance to turn you into a fly and it will ruin your game unless you are brain swapped or given mutation toxin by xenobio and chemistry.

Oh no I have to move slightly slower now and my whole round is ruined because of this

Seems a bit dramatic.


And constantly puking and looking disgusting. And the significant slow down isn’t always a pain but when you want to get around places it will be paaaaainfully slooooooow. And also, Asiimov.

we still have that i think, it’s just not available as a roundstart race iirc. Squids are dead dead though

You’re actually very likely to become a person if you use an uncalibrated teleporter.

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On lowpop you can get the funny maint access. But I’d advise against trying to find a dead NPC Assistant with an improvised shotgun and Reactive Tableport Armor. Unless it’s those murderbone valids that the crew is allowed to hunt. (nukies, blob, etc)

We no longer have ‘valids’.


ah right. allow me to correct myself.
murderbone fucks that the crew has to fight with sec to beat

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Unless you just calibrate the teleporter, I think that removes the chance regardless. Also mishaps like getting turned into a fly can be fun when people are willing to help, and just the act of trying to get it corrected can provide context to an otherwise mundane round, or that’s how I see it anyway. (Except transformation sting that can go to hell).

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