I think i might be done here

@admins clean house accomplished :+1::white_check_mark: REINSTATE THE PERMA LMAO fucking shitheads

Lmao, I can taste the salt

yes admins who main mrp trying to sandbag a lrp regular has made me a little salty!

@GameAdmin just re-pinging

lemme get @TrialAdmins in on it too

He do be salting doe


No one is against you here.
You broke the rules in a very plainly obvious way and then bragged about it.

I’m hijacking this thread.

Post pirates.




damn bro thats cool and all, but who asked though?

I metagrudged… did it again when asked to stop… the person who asked me to stop felt like I should’ve only banned for a week… in the end my ban gets reduced to a week

Is there a part in the rules policy that says flagrant disrespect is an immediate permaban? You guys should add that in there

you will get permabanned from literally any SS13 server for metagruding via ghosting/respawning

its up there with ban evading, because it is literally cheating

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That’s not why I got permabanned genius

I mean you ended up killing a bunch of people that likely had nothing to do with your initial death too so /o


Yeah that’s not likely. I was fighting 4 different teratomas before I died. There were like 6 total

and 2 killed you, so do the math big guy

Were you one of the teratomas? You’re acting like it

nah, pretty sure I was actually a ling that round, I think I did see you killing other small children tho; I was just too busy muderboning to care.

I didnt spawn any that round either