I still love beestation

Reply if you love beestation too

I personally just think that it has the best code+community combination, even though ive seen better code and better community, just separately, which makes beestation genuinely just the defacto space station thing for me, because all the others are not just as all around good.

On some servers I get banned for accidental exploits, on others there aren’t any systems to exploit

In bee, exploits are features

beestation is good because orange man bad

Oh there’s some stupid shit here for SURE. It’s just comparatively, from what I can tell, less overall stupid shit.

I both equally hate & love playing here.

Send help

I wish LRP servers other than golden existed. Every server is MRP these days, even the ones nobody plays.

Not because golden is bad, I just miss tazers and everything being a hardstun from the older lrp servers (probably the only person that does).


/tg/ station Bagil.
/tg/station Sybil.
/tg/ station Terry.
/vg/ station.

These are just off the top of my head, I could probably list a few more if I really wanted to.

You’re not looking really hard.


tg is rapidly moving away from it being lrp with the changes that have been made over the last year gameplay-wise, vg is paradise level ancient (but eh, not a bad option), goon is a completely seperate thing and I get a very bad connection to
it. Hope Clover won’t be another MRP server.

I’ll have to check Burger station out, though. Having to list tg three times really shows how strained the lrp server supply is.

It is a mrp server :flushed:


Some admin interactions resolve to either calling bs on the reasoning or straight up getting big points ignored by a few, but I think the codebase and community is fun.

Really though, most of the people I know who have quit playing on bee say it’s because of poor Admin interactions.

Ignoring that, bee is a pretty good server.

my love is degrading everytime they remove stuff

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What Ike said is perfect.

"Someone clearly hasn’t been playing SS13 for more than a year or two. MRP’s been dead for a while, and any server claiming to be MRP (including Bee Sage, sadly) is simply trying their best to recreate something that I don’t really believe can exist in modern SS13.

What you consider to be LRP and MRP is what veteran SS13 players consider to be NoRP and LRP, respectively."

In my opinion the last MRP server was Oraclestation.

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Guess so. Still, you can’t deny that most servers have completely changed up how they’re played in the last few years with the move from hardstuns and lowering the move speed.

I don’t know of any server that has lowered the movement speed.

Most servers used to have a similar movespeed as golden does today back in the first half of 2018 and before.

Admins anywhere have a hard time just being humans and admitting fault or that they might have made an emotional decision.

From what I can tell beestation has fewer instances of admins being by-the-books but it kinda seems like that’s changing.

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It’s changing because prominent shitters constantly get away with things.

Either you have shitters running rampant or you have strict admins, there’s no in-between.

There IS an in between because that’s where we’re at right now.

We got rid of mimo but there are plenty of shitters, and most admins still don’t clap people for harmless bullshit (thankfully) just because it’s technically against the rules.

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