I request that I be perma banned from this community and in-game server

Byond Name: Mc Mashugana
Forum Name: McMashugana

When the leadership of this place has its head deep up their behind then it is time to leave forever.

My only condition to be unbanned by my own request is when the Administration is changed to the better. Sadly I can no longer accept myself to be around leadership so arrogant and unreasonable beyond comprehension.

So please if there is any kindness in the administration left in this place and server then perma ban me as it is my request and only unban me on my request when the administation has changed.

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This is like the fourth time of you doing a “goodbye” post or similar. Are you sure you mean it seriously this time? :wink:


I logged back in after a year of giving up this server just for this, and it seems its gotten even worse

Fuck off, @McMashugana is right, you guys need to get your head out of your arse

Now permaban me, thanks


This time it is the final nail in the coffin and my request is to be removed here for good until changes happen.

Gave this place many chances but sadly some people just never change. So do me a favour admin and get me out of here for good.


it was a bit of a bad look considering the controversty of that post

posts off topic image
gets marked as off topic

legit 1984 fr ong :saluting_face:


I literally posted a picture in topic comments been flagged by “community” more like some admin who cant understand right from “right”

Being flagged by the community does and should never be meant by flagged by mods or admin. This is not oligarchy. So get me out of here I want to be free from this accursed place and let the administration be happy in their little happy world. It is even a good time to do it since all the good and kind admins left this place and we are left with administation that acts in the most unpredictable way.

literally off topic, just post it in general or somewhere else and it won’t get removed

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No. I now just got the clear message and want out.


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So you’re angry you’re not allowed to shitpost knee-jerk meme responses on other people’s threads?

Not an airport, no need to announce departures! :v:t2:


The death of the hard thread comes closer


Now I’m curious what the hell did they post

They peanut posted a screenshot of a bunch of other peanut posts that were removed from a ban appeal thread.

It’s almost like we have a rule against that… :thinking:

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Rules are set to bind us and not control us.

However its been already 2 hours and my request has not been done. Will you not end this clown torment for me and set me free from here?

Can’t we just keep him as a pet ?
Like a small angry hamster.

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All community removed players should get their own plush
Horrible idea :eyes:


I don’t know, seems like we’re on track

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