I Need to explain myself about the ban

whyiscaeciliustaken banned me permanently because my pc crashed mid ahelp so i couldn’t expain myself.After my pc crashed I rebooted it and tried to join but I was banned.

Now I explain myself:
Clown and I were the execution team. And the captain said something to the clown, and the clown started beating the assistant so i thought captain said us to execute him and I beated him too.I did not know he was the wrong person.Its the clown’s fault but ONLY I got banned.(and it was perma ban.now I cant play SS13 thanks to you) I request a Unban please.

He gay and I mad giv unbannu

If you want to appeal from the ban, do in the the correct category https://forums.beestation13.com/c/ban-appeals/game-ban-appeals/11