I’m sorry Bee

I used to have it all, the fame, the beecoin, the power, I used to get all the 2D spacegal pussy but I have it all up the bleed and to die free

Every day ERP in the showers, look at what I’ve become


sas militar music
bottom text

They just cannot see the value of having someone of your caliber.

Massive F in the chat for this fallen gamer, no shitposter, the on TRUE Shitposter.


I think I’ve shidded my last post

Drop a F for ya boi

Crossed has attempted to overthrow Kevster and defeated his most loyal son but the final battle isn’t over

I don’t feel too good bee

I be back when I’m bored no doubt

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Your mistake is thinking kev is on your side in the first place

It’s my meme dammit
Kev can be on whatever side I chose, I make the memes I make reality

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i thought kev was a nice guy

I dont trust kev. Zamso knows when his gut is right.

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You wanna get skinned alive fam I’ll do it

Lol kev chad :sung hnghfnhfnfhn

Another fallen gamer.