I keep getting sticky banned

so I (username: pixelman77) keep getting sticky banned because of a person that I don’t even know(youngkiller2) who is banned 15 times (last time by cthulhuonice for ban evading, it is not on the ban list but byond messages me that)
this is not the first time that it is happening. last time the problem solved on its own after several days, one of the admins told me this might be because we both use the same VPN( i can’t connect without VPN)
can someone help me with this please

if its related to your VPN theres really nothing you can do server side to prevent this

A different vpn would fix the issue

i tried that. but this VPN is the only working one(only working FREE one. we don’t get mastercard or that kinda stuff here so i can’t buy a VPN)

A sticky ban is, essentially, a hardware ban. Are you using a pirated copy of Windows?

yes. it is impossible to buy the original from here and if it was possible it would be expensive AF

official chinaman moment, unban his ass

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ho ho not china. also it got solved on it self, again. it is pretty lag though

I mean if you using a VPN its gonna lag man, that shit capped to hell.

it is never predictable. one time ping is 50 with VPN on, one time 8888 with VPN off

Use your free VPN to get Hotspot Shield. They have a 500 Mb limit per day. More than enough to play a few hours a day. I’d suggest to only use hotspot only when playing spaceman. It’s what I did when I was stuck in places that restricted spessmen

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I don’t see the point in even continuing the practice of IP bans to begin with. The only time they ever made sense was during the initial rise of broadband services because you typically had a ISP that gave you a dedicated IP for the first time ever. Though even back in the dial up days ISPs like AOL would have users even share IP which would always lead to innocent people in mass getting banned from sites. This at the time was also America’s most used ISP…

But I digress, the early broadband age still had some computer illiterate folk who wouldn’t know to use proxies and other methods bypass IP bans (Most ISPs will happily do it for you if you simply call them even to this day) With computers and the internet now in the mainstream mass ignorance on these things is in a rapid decline. With services that still hand out the tired methods of IP bans more and common solutions can be found to avoid them. If you have a good cell data service just mobile hotspot from your phone and have your PC/Laptop use it. IP bans are simply not possible to block the actual culprit.

So why not just abandon IP bans on Bee altogether? At this point with the rise of VPN services and with good reason to utilize such services more than ever it makes no sense to possibly punish innocent people who just want to protect their privacy. Due to the hardware bans which is a flawed but still superior ban type Bee and the rest of the SS13 community may as well abandon IP bans. Besides without a doubt if someone knows how to bypass the hardware ban they sure the heck know how to bypass the simple IP ban.

It’s not IP bans its hardware bans.

I get that in this specific case it is such. But clearly IP bans are still being utilized by some degree on Bee, no? Afterall if a VPN can be a issue as everyone always points out.

Bans still use IPs because you can simply just use an alternate account to play.
Using IP bans at least force you to go out of your way to do that instead of hit “Logout” and “Login.” It also goes hand in hand to catch ban evaders.

Just wanna remind people, byond hides a secret file or two on peoples computers, even when you login or logout, so removing IP and keeping only account / hardware tracking is a good idea.

Okay, but let’s say I was IP banned from the server right now. In just a few clicks I could get around that with my VPN. If for some reason that wasn’t a option, I could just use the countless proxy servers to have the same effect within seconds. Lastly I could just call my ISP and get it changed within minutes.

IP bans at the end of the day at best are just going to annoy VPN users that just so happen to connect to the same VPN server. Which obviously does occur and enough to warrant being asked if a VPN is in use during these kind of circumstances.

Also IP addresses themselves are recycled. Even ‘static’ IPs aren’t truly such and you will eventually lose your IP address in time due to several different possible but inevitable circumstances. So IP bans addresses even more so for high traffic sites and services can lead to those who get assigned that IP to now be hit with the same ban despite being a totally different person. This has been a literal known issue for decades. While I will grant you this is highly unlikely for a niche game to occur it really goes to show how foolish this method was and always has been. But now with the rise of VPN popularity we see something similar occurring sometimes.

You already have a much superior method at your fingertips through the hardware type bans. While that likely can be beat by spoofing or virtual machines that actually would slow down and tire out the troublemakers easier. The IP though? I have Comcast which is awful and even I could get it changed before I can walk to my kitchen, get myself a drink, and walk back to my PC while on the phone.

While, yes, IP bans are bad with what we currently have, they still help us find ban evaders.

By opening BYOND to see it say, “You’ve been banned for x.” You know you have been banned.

To turn on a VPN and attempt to evade mean you know you’re ban evading.
Ban evasion isn’t good.

Isn’t that somewhat the reason why BYOND has CID bans, though?