I have chronic back pain

Does anyone have any solutions?


Drink some water?

just simply git gud

Breast reduction.

unfortunately I have no breasts to reduce (yet)

Could Physio help?

Playing Space Staion 13 is the go to cure with back pain

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I had 2 surgeries for nerve deadening in my lower back a few years ago. Been there, done that, taken 5 minutes to get out of bed every morning.

I still get pain, I do find lying flat on my back on a hard surface (like the floor) for periods can help take the pressure off your spine and let the muscles straighten out a bit. Yes it can hurt while you do this.

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They also say sleeping on a hard surface like a rug can help backpain

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Join the military so it’s normal

I tend to sleep on a pillow and go for a walk. Usually fixes my back within an hour or so.

I’ve had good results with Yoga.

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Climb a tree like a squirrel, sporadically and randomly throughout the day. Doing dangerous stunts like leaping out of the tree is good fun. (I am currently recovering from a sprained ankle due to the aforementioned activities) Always calculate your jump beforehand, everyone.

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Lift light weight with good form frequently.

My bed is a bit stiff and it makes it worse

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