Humanoids Discusión Thread

+10 cool guy points for insulting me.

I actually do have trouble with reading and paying attention. It’s something I try very hard to overcome but it’s not always easy. So, sorry if I did not associate “Genemods” with “eating habits”.

And I also actually agree with you, to some extend.
I enjoying playing felinid without ears or tails. It always leads to something interesting RP wise (or straight-up abuse its 50/50.)



but yea, lots of shit can be explained with genemods in a scifi setting, like diffrent digestion. it dosnt need to be just cosmetic. Realy “gene mods” just means that they were deliberately changed from humans, on a genetic level (not just body mods via surgery). So you could go pretty crazy there.

I dont think its a real loss for anyone either if catbeasts cant snack on mice anymore tbh, but that would be largely left up to the cooder that coodes this on how they want to handle sub species or what ever.
I think personaly it’d be nicest and cleanest if it was entirely cosmetic, but theres nothing saying it has to be.
And realy, theres no reason to have this just be “cat person on/off”, it could be atmoized whatever the right term would be so you can indiviualy toggle ears / tail and more shit conceivably

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get epicly ownedm kid

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Apids are just worse Flypeople.

Apids don’t even eat their own vomit.


It is 100% canon that every single female felinid was once a dirty and sweaty neckbeard prior to extensive cosmestic surgery


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