Humanoids Discusión Thread

This is going to be a good one. After playing in SS14, I found dwarves to be incredibly funny, and porting them into Bee would be fun. But, making another type of humans like felinids a full race is a problem. This was brought up a week or two algo after I tried porting Nekomimetic from/TG/. Should we combine felinids within humans as something you can select in the human options? Should Sillicons consider them human? Should we port dwarves? They are comically small and talk with an irish acent, for me is an instant yes

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Yes. I have been saying this for ages.
like, sure “haha just remove them”, but we all know thats not happening.
But it realy makes rather little sense for whats clearly just a weeb with genemods to be considerd its own species.

As for sillycoons, that could go both ways. You could still have them marked as a “mutant-human” instead of “human” or whatever and change asimov to say “pure humans”. Or you could not do that, and just have it be an entirely cosmetic detail. I honestly dont realy have a strong oppinion on this.


I know there are old remnants of dwarves in bee’s code, consider diving the cosebase’s archives for the latest build with dwarf code and go from there?

Now, I love dwarves myself, Bardin is my most played VT2 character, but implementing them “just because they funny” seems pointless. We already have a problem with different species not feeling different from humans, and what you’re proposing to be added are basically humans with Dwarfism and a speech gene from Genetics.

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As a minirace inside humans they would be cool. Same thing with felinids. Imagine going to HoPline and you see a 1’40 dude screaming with an irish accent ar the mime because he doesnt get what he’s saying.

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Can’t you make this like a race restricted perk that you can choose in character selection?

Then all races would have a dwarf version and dwarf moths arent a thing

I don’t have to imagine, I can already play Geneticist and make that happen.


But It’s not organic. Your character becomes a dwarf. You need to seek a geneticist and find the trait. He wasnt born a dwarf. They are now a powergamed tiny thing. Lame. RPing as a dwarf is a totally different thing

I said that it is race restricted perk.
Something like traitor pdas, grants you special item options based on race.

So in this case if you select a non-human race, the perk [Dwarf] would automatically take itself out

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Whatever the solution is, we must apply It to felinids there too. I personally think this kind of stuff should be in the appearance tab and not perks

they do have different eating habits from humans thought

reading comprehension 100

I don’t see what merging them into humans accomplishes. There is already precedent that humans can lose their humanity by changing their body. Hulks aren’t human. Felinids aren’t human. Human skeletons aren’t human whether they are plasma or not. Zombies are not human up to a point.

It just seems like people are mad they chose a different race and lost the ability to law 2 the AI into doing stuff.

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It’s more that they are fundamentally not a different race.

Hulks being non-human is just a relic of a council ruling made to keep golden greytiders slightly more in line by stripping them of their ability to cry to the AI for help while being roidrage shitters.

Zombies are human, they are just also impossible to harm except by bodily destruction according to AI.

Also the result of an ancient council ruling because they were being considered 100% non-human

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what if i take dwarf just to emote biting people’s ankles or to ride on someone’s shoulders

is that still powergaming or is it just fun


Remove felinids and replace them with flypeople.


This would be a great April Fools prank.

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Thats pretty fun

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Flypeople are just worst apids