Human like IPC'S

What are your thoughts on IPC’s that behave like humans? The ones that perform human-like but adhere to their robotic bodies.

Is it fine if its explained by their gimmick, backstory, round, not at all or even just whatever else?
Do you have a preferrence? Human like ipc, pure machine or maybe a mix?

Any specific experiences as one or outside when it comes to that?
If any, how would you rate the ones that happen with D.I.Y? That’s partially why im making this thread.

In my opinion human-like IPCs make sense. A positronic brain is meant to replicate a real brain, so them acting human would be logical.


hi robots are my special interest! So I’m going to rant! Please allow me to link my other special interests such as The Divine, disability, and being a silllyl little guy!

If god created humans in his own image, then wouldn’t man then wish to create beings in their own image? In this way, are not IPCs meant to mirror humans? even now as we create chat bots, as we imagine AI, we always do in a way that mirrors humans. Human-like responses, human-like art, human-like expressions melding into the uncanny valley. We wish to not be alone so we create more.

The difference between right now and SS13 is Time and Technology. In SS13 IPCs have the technology for human-like sentience, They are created by humans, with humans in mind, by a human company, and thrown fully formed on a human centric station (if Asimov laws existing is something to go by). If a robot indeed has the capacity for full sentience, wouldn’t they, like a child, then mirror the culture they were made by and thrust into?

Then what about more mechanical IPCs? I see that, personally, as an act of rebellion or defiance (assuming once again the robot has the capacity for full sentience). Thrust into a culture not its own and expected to serve? Ew. Why not then embrace its differences? Find community and culture where there should be one. It’s a way to alienate it from its creators and slavers.

I believe that with sentience comes the ability to adapt, change, and create. What culture an IPC chooses to be a part of is a choice that expresses so much rp.

In my own IPCs?
I have WIRE, made 248 years ago to be a mechanical slave, but chose to act more human as a way of rebellion.

I have 1.28, who was made without sentience but with the ability to create sentience. Making everything they do and choose like that of a child, enforced by the whims of others

I have Bo, a robot made to mirror humans and embracing that and the service mindset fully.


on the off chance i play an ipc, i tend to headcanon that ipcs that have been around longer will act more human by sheer exposure and error introduced by age. So it i’m playing an 18 year old ipc (races should have different min/max ages but that’s a different discussion) who is as fresh off the factory line as you can be in game, they’ll be more robotic compared to another one of my IPCs who’s like 80 something and one of the first of his models created and has become an odd little man over years of existence

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Depends, some are cool but the moment they go like “bro what the fuck” I’m instantly unimmersed.

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That would be off putting even for a human to say but out of curiosity, can you elaborate on the immersion part?

I like how IPCs have a range of different players playing them differently, some playing more robotic, some more human, some in-between, etc! We inherently don’t know how a sentient computer would act, so throwing in some interesting diversity of the various personalities is neat. I personally have some rather robotic robots along with some more human ones depending on what I’m feeling for the day.


Not to mention it’s hard to act like a robot. But in reality, IPCs would have a lot of markets to fill, from nurses to mining droids, and the “padding” on how they act would vary accordingly. Why spend money training a IPC that will never see another sentient thing to be emotive?

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