Hugh Jass Appeal

**CKEY:**Hugh Jass/kylelally12 not sure which to put here but the 1st is character name and second is username

**Admin’s CKEY:**Bastion0930

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**Bee station Golden

**Ban Type:**Game

**Ban Length:**Permanant

**Round ID:**9474

**Ban Reason:**Fire bombed twice in a row, lied in ahelps

**Appeal Reason:**I apologise for it although nobody was hurt, i was just testing out crafting ieds because its a feature im new to, i may have lied also but who doesnt when they have been caught, i said it was an accident yes but it was only a joke

**Additional Information:*I dont think its worth a permanent ban? sure its trolling but permanent sheesh i didnt even hurt anyone and even then its fire they put them selves out easy

Not an admin, for future reference, Ckey is the username.

Thanks but hopefully this is the first and last time I have to do this :frowning:

It’s the fact you lied in ahelps. You litterally bombed multiple places then lied. What did you expect? I’ve lowered it to a week ban.

Thank you, I cant really give an excuse yep i did wrong, i wont do it again :slight_smile: