Howluinb Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Howluinb

Your Discord: Howluinb31153#1759

How long have you been playing ss13?: Account says 4 years, but i’ve really started playing since june of 2020.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Fernandez123 (Oliver Oliver Bustin), Derpiestderp (Sagi Takane), Topith-Jeer, Lazuli, Langston Adams, and anyone I bribed or forced to support me through violence or other necessary means :joker:

Game Experience (More Detailed): I’ve got about 127 hours on Bee (106 Living) for which I am posting the detailed hours :

Job hours on bee

Playtime for Howluinb

  • Assistant 30m (0%)
  • Atmospheric Technician 4h (4%)
  • Brig Physician 50m (0%)
  • Chaplain 9h (8%)
  • Chemist 3h (2%)
  • Clown 1h (1%)
  • Cook 10m (0%)
  • Curator 4h (4%)
  • Cyborg 1h (1%)
  • Paramedic 2h (2%)
  • Barber 20m (0%)
  • Stage Magician 2h (2%)
  • Debtor 6h (5%)
  • Psychiatrist 40m (0%)
  • VIP 60m (0%)
  • Head of Personnel 7h (6%)
  • Janitor 2h (2%)
  • Medical Doctor 1h (1%)
  • Mime 20m (0%)
  • Research Director 40m (0%)
  • Roboticist 2h (2%)
  • Scientist 19h (18%)
  • Security Officer 12h (12%)
  • Shaft Miner 2h (2%)
  • Station Engineer 4h (4%)
  • Warden 3h (2%)
  • Living 106h (100%)
  • Servant Golem 40m (0%)
  • Beach Bum 10m (0%)
  • Ghost 19h (18%)

Along with that, although way less important, I have about 50 hours on /tg/ and 750 hours on fulp (here are the detailed hours :

Job hours on Fulp (all jobs under 2 hours excluded)
Living 669,2h
Ghost 87,8h
Scientist 196,3h
Chemist 53,3h
Captain 46,8h
Security Officer 42,7h
Atmospheric Technician 31,2h
Research Director 30,2h
Cyborg 29,3h
Station Engineer 23,5h
AI 21,8h
Shaft Miner 15,7h
Curator 13,0h
Head of Personnel 12,8h
Geneticist 12,7h
Roboticist 12,3h
Head of Security 9,7h
Medical Doctor 7,0h
Cargo Technician 6,8h
Chaplain 5,5h
Chief Engineer 5,3h
Assistant 4,5h
Cook 4,2h
Paramedic 2,0h
Warden 2,0h

I know those count way less since they’re not bee, but, they’re a /tg/ fork too so any knowledge there works on bee at least to a moderate degree, I believe.

As a summary, I am a huge scientist main (and a huge toxins nerd), and I dabbled in pretty much every job except service.

Also, of note is that I’ve got no visible notes on bee. (very funny pun intended)


Play some more on bee

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only 30 minutes as assistant

Also yeah get a lil’ bit more hours, or I can ask you questions and see how well you do.
Just say it and I’ll make you a quiz :joker:

That’s what I considered heavily, do not worry, but several people already said that “it’s fine we accept people with 90 hours you’ll get accepted 100%” (exact quote)

I’ve never enjoyed being an assistant - I much prefer gimmicks role as they at least give me a sense of purpose.

And yeah, go ahead with the quiz !

Alright let’s begins:

1: Let’s say, you’re a medical doctor, and there’s a super irradiated engineer barely limping towards you. You have to get rid of the rads fast, but chemistry just blew themselves up with meth and radiations kits are all magically used up (damn wiznerds). What’s the alternative to COMPLETELY getting rid of radiation from engineer? (Doesn’t need to be 100% safe)

2: Your fellow scientist approaches you and wants to be taught how to make 50k research bomb, what is your answer?

3: Another science question. You are in Xenobiology, and it’s the start of the round which means you’re kinda low on monkey cubes. What crossbreed do you need to solve this problem?

(you can use multiple answers on third question)

1: I’d go at it from several steps :
First dump them in the shower and strip them in case any of their stuff’s glowing green (check the boxes and bags too).
Second, check the fridge if it’s not also blown up for any charcoal or pills leftover. If the wiznerd took them all, ask someone to hurry up and grind a banana/teargas grenade and a toner cartridge together as a makeshift potassium iodine pill.
Third, in the Worst case scenario, they’ve got thousands of rads, the makeshift pills aren’t doing their work and chemistry is nowhere near being rebuilt ? Throw em in the cloner, then dump the old body to avoid further irradiation.

2: Oh boy you asked me the one question I consider myself an expert on. I should write a full guide on how to handle any mishaps in toxins and how to salvage any toxins attempt.

First of all, since it’s not an atmosian, i’m gonna assume all they can access are o2 canisters and plasma canisters.
I’ll then warn them that, on bee, it is not possible unless asking help from atmos to achieve a 50k, and that 40k is what they should aim to achieve.
I’ve got two methods to offer, one which require a bit more piping and requires a bit more knowledge of the game to understand, and another which is rather straightforward and to the point although a bit more complicated to achieve due to time limits, but i’ll proceed to explain the first.

Throughout all of this I will assume that I will be there to guide them and indicate to them what to do

First of all, the piping needs to be the following : imgur(dot)com/ShhS0Am , done with the “rapid pipe dispenser”
Then, they need to grab another portable air pump (i usually grab the one from in front of atmos) as they allow to fill a tank to 2533kpa.
Next, they need to set the air alarm to scrub for tritium expended, set the pressure pump to max pressure (4500 kpa) and wrench a total of 3 O2 canisters to the bottom right connector, emptying all of them before switching to another.
Then, they need to build a freezer on the position i indicated, with T2 parts : screwdriver, crowbar, wrench the casing, move the parts and rebuild, then once rebuilt, screwdriver once to finish, again to open the maintenance panel, wrench it a few times to get the pipe to line up with the manifold, then screwdriver again and turn it on to lowest temperature.
Finally, they need to empty a o2 canister into one of the three portable air pumps - using a simple connector to connector with pump/filter system - and put that portable air pump on a connector connected directly to ANOTHER T2 freezer set to lowest temp

Now, they should set the pressure pump to 40 kpa, wrench portable air pumps to the two untouched connectors, then wrench a plasma canister to the lower right connector - before activating the correct button to set fire to the chamber asap , and not the easy to mixup “vent to space” button.

Once that’s done, they should analyze the manifold, wait for it to reach 20 moles of tritium, then turn on plasma scrubbing. They should then open up the menu for the plasma portable pump (the one on the leftmost connector) and stop scrubbing for plasma when it reaches 2000kpa internal pressure (for leftovers !)

Once the manifold has 25 mols of trit, they can wait longer to have trit leftovers, but at this point they can shut off scrubbing entirely, wait for the tritium to reach a temp of about 43.60k and open up the volume pump.

Once ALL of this procedure is done, empty two tanks, put one in the tritium portable air pump, fill it with 850 kpa worth of cold trit then fill the rest with cold O2 to the maximum portable air pumps allow, fill a tank with hot plasma (at this point it should be 60 000 kelvins which is MOOORE than enough), put both of them on a tank transfer valve, take two remote signallers and change their frequency + code to avoid pranksters, screwdriver one and slap it on the ttv, send the bomb out, turn on the intercom, open up the signaller and press the button to receive loads of “nice” on common.

3: On the spot, two things come to mind : Either a reproductive grey extract if they’ve got a few monkey cubes left - inject 10 grey slime extracts into an adult grey, then feed the huge bubble thing with monkey cubes for it to spit out grey slime extracts
Imo, that’s a worthless one compared to Industrial grey - 10 metal extracts into a grey adult slime, inject with tons of plasma, and enjoy a mountain of monkey cubes being generated constantly.

Idiot gets dragged into medbay. Skull icon on medhud. Why? How could you fix this?

Chemist needs industrial quantities of blood for an automated synthflesh factory. How can he do this?

How would you isolate a symptom in virology?

How based is atropine?

Botanist needs more plant disks. How.

How do you steal technology nodes, both as a traitor and as a ninja.

  1. Correct, also you can remove rads using Suit Storage Decontamination process

  2. Fancy answer

  3. Also fancy answer

Very robust knowledge for someone with 127 hours, you get +1 from me

1: Either soul departed (check with shift click) or been dead too long. throw’em in the cloner.

2: reaction chamber to make unstable mutagen (chlorine phosphorus and radium), except that along with the unsta recipe you add 1u of blood - will generate blood infinitely thanks to virology.

3: I’ve never touched virology due to the heavy randomness, its usefulness (i never liked most viruses and prefer nanites) and the lengthy amount of time required to achieve stuff there. Can’t answer it, sorry.

4: if based was a human, atropine would be its fucking god. The screenshake is not that bad, it stays in your system for a long time, and it heals SO much when in crit. Making a 10u atropine 10u epinephrine pill is EVEN MORE BASED for combat - the ingredients are nearly the same, their heal boost cumulates together and epinephrine even allows to reduce stun times. It’s just so good.

5:Print them from Protolathe ? I’m not sure, since that’s where you usually print disks, but i’ve also never done botany, this time mostly because I’m not really interested and it seems to require a LOT of learning.

6: As a traitor, print a tech disk from science protolathe, insert into rnd console, go into the disk section of said console then “upload all to disk”. Proceed to take the disk, stuff it in your shoes/jacket/armor/any other part of your equipment that isn’t your bag and scamper off.
Ninja, you don’t need the disk : just click the rnd console with special interaction enabled, but make sure that no one’s nearby. Best advice would be to build your own console somewhere safe.

  1. Soul departed just produces an examine message, not the skull icon. It’s also a common sign of feigned death (Regen coma, zombie powder, revival stasis.)

  2. Good

  3. Well, better start. If you do need to isolate a symptom, you can use a virus extrapolator to do so. You will need higher level scanning devices for higher level symptoms.

  4. based :flushed:

  5. Yeah, protolathe is the answer. Should probably learn up on botany too, it’s pretty fun when you get down to it.

  6. Good answer

+0.5. Go learn viro and botany.

T= +0.5

I will aim to learn botany but god I can’t be bothered to learn viro :pensive:
Literally the opposite gameplay wise of what attracts me to ss13.

Thanks both of you for the clarification on the things I answered wrong !

on the other hand, I have committed 23 war crimes and got myself executed for firing practice laser guns at the captain once :sunglasses:


1.what does robust harvest do?
2.what chem instastuns and makes people appear dead?
3. what chem stops organ rot on corpses?
4. are zombie powder and ghoul powder the same thing?

1 : it adds 1 nutrient per unit added, and it improves the yield of the tray by 30 % permanently (that last thing only happens if you have not applied left 4 zed or ez nutrient before, as a tray can only have one of those special effects at any time).
… admit it, you asked this because i said botany was my weakpoint on the discord ? :cry:

2: zombie powder
3: formaldehyde
4: ghoul powder at least allows you to move contrary to zombie powder

Robust Harvest also stops the plant for mutating when it is harvested.
That is the most important part of robust harvest, don’t forget chief.

Yeah, gotta admit I had no idea. As I said, I touched botany, like, twice. Sorry.

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final 3 questions - and those 3 questions only - answer them wrong and you shall perish

  1. what IS your name
  2. what IS your quest
  3. what IS the average airspeed of an unladden swallow?
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1: Howluinb
2: :joker:
3: African or European ?

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