Howluinb Discord warned by Efem

Discord ID: Howluinb31153#1759

Admin Discord ID: Efem#4339

Ban Type: 0 point warn

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 03/05/2021

Ban Reason: no politics

Appeal Reason: I got warned for political content a tiny bit ago, as a rule 0 - which I’m not gonna appeal even if I disagree with it
However, this one is straight up a joke warn over the “political” halo gifs, which now makes it look like I actually discuss politics a lot if an admin were to check my warns

Additional Information:

Discord link to the warn

The gif in question

On one hand I get the joke, on the other hand just mentioning politics is poking the bear…

Lmao the delayed fuse on that warn, finally got you :sunglasses:

It’s also one of the gifs you may get if you use ?political on the discord, so…

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what? how?

You had already tried to give me a 0 point warning which sounded even worse back then, and I had to basically yell at you for you to understand that even if it is 0 point, it would look terrible out of context
I doubt this was intentional at all

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The one I got super mad on and that went longer than the screen with me having to ping efem several times for him to remove it


And another one which he thankfully removed instantly after

Just searching “from: Efem#4339 warn” allows you to see that ~80% of the warns he gave were “jokes” at 0 points
This is why I once got beef with crossed (which got me banned) because I was under a clear impression that 0 points warns were only meant for jokes (which, a few others use it that way, but make it very clear in the warn message, and i don’t think those are a problem)
Please don’t phrase this as an intentional “ahah gotcha” thing, it was just one of your decade old joke warn that never got removed

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yea theres a reason joke warns are not allowed anymore

Ill take a look later, at least those three you provided context for here were just jokes, so there shouldnt be an issue just unwarning


Your warnings list is a prime example of why we don’t do joke warnings anymore.

The following warnings have been removed:
0 point warning 838881943340580934 issued by Efem#4339 for no politics
0 point warning 857745832374435840 issued by Archanial#9048 for hello i am albania warning for albania crashing gif, please switch to <#605848610206384128> and dont check any other channels, thank you
0 point warning 900214524219645972 issued by KieKat#8008 for Posted moth monday on a tuesday <:oblivious:839885711272706068> smh my head

Additionally I’ve attached an explanation to the “doxxing staff” joke warning, I’d hate for it to have caused confusion if anyone took a look in the logs for older warnings and didn’t have context.

Appeal Accepted.