Howard Pretts (Unknown Ckey) Player Report

CKEY: Ausar28

Your Discord: Miles#8703

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Howard Pretts

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12-24-2021

Round Number: 34891

Rules Broken: 7. Be Excellent to Each Other , 9. Do Not Self-Antag (Escalation Policy).

Incident Description: As a non-antag crew, stabbed me, Kalo the sentient jani pet, to death without proper escalation.

Additional Information: Was a little lizard roaming the station, sec was nice to me, ninja too was nice,then found a dead toasted queen corpse in medbay, proceed to drag it around for fun then to departure, then came this lad with his scalpel. Mind you i dont think i can even harm anything or be a threat to be justified getting stabbed.


Didnt get a chance to ask what his problem is, and no admeme active too. (I proceed to join as larva after i died, so no info from ghosting too)


Sentient Simplemobs are to be treated with Lavaland Escalation rules per the Escalation Policy.

Considering Station pets are generally unable to attack, he can only be really used to instigate through pulling someone into a hazardous environment. Otherwise, this seems rather clear-cut, but logs will be needed from an admin.

One question, did you mind transfer, or did you claim sentience from a potion?


This one, so not crew, so yea im on lavaland escalation

All i did was dragging the dead queen, well before that telling sec to revive the dead prisoner, and then covering good ninja while theyre ssd. None of which (in my opinion) warrant harm, well not that howard know anything that i did before, as i only met him once in departure where he killed me.

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