How you guys fail as antagonist

Nuke ops: Declare war but go stealth instead

I used an explosive flashbulb to kill my target, but it was in the public place of the bar, i was promptly beaten down like a bunch of gangsters in down town Houston when an allied gang member gets killed

The problem with stealth opping after war is the shuttle gets called on red, you’ll have to disable it.

I generally get witnessed by someone RANDOMLY wandering around maints where i’m posted up sippin on somebody (usually a clown), both to beings being supped upon and beings accidentally encountering me. If I’m traitor I generally get caught due to bein bag searched randomly or I accidentally get seent by the AI who instantly rats me out (as they should good boi)

It is tiring to be validhunted by sec, AI and validhunters for an hour

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I find going loud to be more fun than just sitting and plotting

Which yields more failiure

Its embarrasing how many time beepsky has robusted me in the armory.


I play on high lag so combat never works out for me.

I mean you are being hunted you are free to kill them.

unlucky timings and or validhunted by half the station for 20 minutes

I usually die to my own error like slipping on my own wet tile/soap or even more common being crowded by 4 people.

By utilizing shuriken as a space ninja.

Being hit by a “lightly-used” star as a ninja is a death sentence

I find when playing sec that flashbangs are your best friend against crowds of revs.

Heck sometimes I even just have a dummy grenade with nothing in it or a cleaning grenadeI throw at my feet that is guaranteed to make everyone scurry away as soon as they see me throw a grenade that they always assume is some meth nade concoction.

i bought a bomb and blew myself up

i had a heart attack while storming security as a headrev

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