How We Can Nerf the Emag

The emag has been, for a long time, one of the best items in the uplink. It’s essentially a must-have for anyone trying to seriously greentext as a traitor. Unlimited uses, total control over technology. I propose that we add a cooldown to the emag, namely by giving it charges. The emag can start with 10 charges in the uplink, with 1 charge regenerating every 80 seconds after that.

/tg/ did something like that. It split the airlock opening function into a different item and gave that item 3 charges with a 1 minute recharge timer for each charge.


Neat, I got the idea from ss14 on steam, though. Their system is identical to what I’m suggesting here.

I’d put another tot item that can replace a feature of emag.
For example, ‘access overrider: adds Syndicate access requirement to an airlock, allowing you to pass the door with agent card.’
and put emag still.


I mean could make using emag a gamble, emag the door, chance it opens or just electrifies or bolts the door close on you

I had an idea that floated around my mind constantly which is to add a sort of hacking minigame in the process of hacking, but that would require several updates to the game itself and spacelag wouldn’t be kind to it.

Might be too much of a nerf but maybe make it as it will tell in chat the wires of the emagged airlock instead of instantly opening.
Could double it as a multitool but pulsing the id wire opens the door without breaking it or depowering the door.

Would slow the time it takes to infilitrate while making it less obvious.

Of all the issues with the game right now, the emag being underpriced is so far down the list of priorities I wonder why you bring it up.


forum posters gotta do something to kill the time, I suppose.
I think emag is in a good spot as of now. Its upsides are weighed down by emags being easily detectable.

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Possible solution?
Using the Emag for advanced functions like Console hacking, Borg Subversion, and other such things aside from Door opening requires Access to the SYNDINET through the NTNET.

the EMAG thusly must be linked to a modular computer with program that handles advanced EMAGing active and an network connection.

Thusly, the emag can be used as an all airlock access card without a SYNDINET proxy but it’s slower and its only other function at that point is to Emgage a modular computer to enable other functions


To encourage pre-planning the connection to the SYNDINET gets slower as alert level raises, with Blue alert reducing speed by 10%, Red by 20% and Delta by 30%

emag is good utility and conversion for borgs… beyond that it wont beat just killing someone who has AA.

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I like the idea of it having charges, but I think it should have fewer charges that regenerate faster. Maybe three charges, but regenerate one every thirty seconds?
Also, I’d like to see it require direct access to the wires of an airlock. That way on secure doors, you still have to remove the protection on the wires before you can get in but it’s still much faster than actually hacking in.


Sheesh, I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to make balance suggestions. A lot of top priority issues have already been addressed or brought up before, so there’s no point in bringing them up again. It’s not like I’m going to wait until every major beestation issue is fixed before I post this suggestion, either, because that’s crazy.

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This feels copying another kid in the classes’ notes.

More specifically, the village idiot’s notes


Literally what station blueprints do. Shit you waste uplink points on is generally supposed to be fundamentally different than stuff that layman Joe can grab.

I’m not saying we should do that, I’m providing an example.

I like the current emag, though for balance it should probably cost more.

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