How to update your branch (gitkraken)

  • Go to your master (Git web page), and sync it to up-to-date

  • pull your master(local) from your master(remote github)


  • Drag your master onto a branch where you need to update

  • if it’s not compatible, merge-conflict will happen. Click the file in the issue.
    It’s not "Mark resolved".

  • (1): click these lines, then it will be the bottom window (2).
    clicking a line will transfer only one line.
    clicking a check-box will transfer the whole lines.
    (the example clicked different lines to let you recognise it’s possible to put different lines, but you won’t really do that in this way. There’s no reason to transfer lines like this)

My suggestion for handling this is to transfer all lines from both of these, and compare how the new logic is different.
in this image, the conflict is only 3 lines, so just transferring a single line would be enough, but when it’s massive, comparing all lines is important.

  • (2): the result of your merge-confliction resolve.
  • (3): The list of where merge-confliction occurs.
  • (4): click this once it’s done

click (4) once the merge resolve is done.

and do this.

Q. How can I resolve the map conflict?


I really haven’t had much cases to resolve map conflict, so I don’t know… I hope this can help.