How To Not Break Rule 5

Ain’t no clever title for this one

Subsection 1

Leaving/Ignoring an admin PM will automatically label you guilty

If you are to close the game or ignore an Admin PM, you will be automatically banned for the thing you are accused of. Please acknowledge the ahelp ASAP, and if you can’t, ask for a second to get to a safe space to type.

Subsection 2

Showing respect and patience with admins has proven to make them more lenient.

Call it favoritism, call it what you want. Being nice and cooperative makes admins nice and cooperative. Admins are volunteers, not workfags paid to deal with you. Admins can be rude in response, so don’t expect to be treated like a shining god when in reality you are a faggot.

Subsection 3

An admins ruling on an issue is final for that round. Do not try to bring it up again.

Kind of irrelevant since some admins can make mistakes, so feel free to bring it up on the forums and make admin reports and whatnot. Just don’t be a whiny faggot and ahelp the entire round for what an admin has decided.

Subsection 4

Do not immediately ask if the person who killed you is an antag, you will be rejected. If you are still uncertain if your death was valid, spectate them and see if they are performing additional unruly behavior before reporting.
Never ask who the antags are, no admins will answer you. Try and find out shit for yourself by observing their behaviour. (rejections also mean the person is an antag) wink wink


Aren’t you just re-wording the rules? Also shouldn’t you put all this into one thread

Yeah I am, because some dumb faggots still don’t get it after reading over it.
I made them separately so I posted them separately. See, they even come with their own lil titles

The majority of rulebre… nevermind, I completely forgot the main influx of forum users are banned peeps. But seriously, FTLP