How to mention the Admins on Sage

Tired of saying “I’m being talked to by the Gods”, or saying “I need to contact the Gods”? Here’s the solution; the admins are Central Command, each one of varying authority. Here’s a quick rundown of who’s who.

Trial Admins:

Central Command Inspector (Name)

Normal Admins:

Central Command Officer (Name)
Emergency Response Officer (Name)

Senior Admins:

Central Command Supervisor (Name)
Emergency Response Commander (Name)
Central Command Adviser (Name)

Head Admins:

Admiral Caecilius
Senior Admiral Ruko


Former Admiral Kevin
Syndicate Commander Kevin


Gary Centcomm
Head Admiral Crossed
Death Squad Commander Crossed

Just say “Centcomm” or looc “Admins”

looc exists.

This is more fun though…

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Fine, be that way.

or we could just keep using gods because its easier

god is real in ss13 anyway

Or just say “centcom”

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If I ever became an admin I would want to be referred to as centcomm officer alpha IC and OOC

or centcoom


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or even better

space j*nitors