How to make Lawyer not bad

Since I like playing lawyer (before i was perma banned) and it seems like a good concept i’d like to put down some ideas to make lawyer not as shitty. i know they could be a tator but yeah

  1. Give them a locker with some sec gear

    1. Give em a sec belt with the basic stuff you get in one, but not the sec baton and handcuffs because its the sec officers job to be as shitty as possible.
    2. Give em a armor vest and just a armor vest cause it could be cool if you can put one on your suit John Wick style.
  2. Grant them access to Medbay

    1. On the wiki it says ones of the Lawyers duties is to heal inmates if there’s no brig physician in which most of the time there is so i think it would be a good idea to give em the access they need to do their duties.
  3. Add a paper stating all of the lawyers duties

    1. The lawyer has a lot of duties and most of the time usual lawyers don’t even do half of them. It would be nice if the lawyers did their fucking job for once.

Closing Remarks

unban plz i be good boy also post some more ideas or just say how shit mine were

I most certainly do not think that lawyers should be able to open cells either as this is just too much of a security risk.

What I would personally suggest getting the lawyer to be more active is that trials should be mandatory on MRP servers for more severe punishments like being sent to the gulag or perm brig. (Except if the station is currently under red alert) This way trials occur more and go with the spirit of the job and game.

Trials should also have guidelines such as giving the defense time to prepare and examine any evidence and talk to witnesses before the trial starts. You know like how any good lawyer would do anyways. This should make for interesting trials as rare as trials are when they do happen currently they are almost always one-sided because the prosecution just blindsides the defense with ‘evidence’ that the lawyer is unprepared for even if it’s completely falsified.

I remember one amusing trial where the Mime was on trial and no evidence was presented just the charges. The defense gave a one-sentence defense that offered nothing, the judge, jury, and prosecutor were all sec members. So, of course, the verdict was guilty and the mime was sentenced to death to which they just all started beating him to death then and there. Ah, good times. But hopefully, we can end the kangaroo courts and get into something more serious.

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Please. Don’t do this. The lawyer is a usless RP role, the chaplain is better in every way possible. We should just remove lawyers. Nothing in value will be lost.

The new access and equipment will just be used by powergamers who want the privellege of security without the responsibility (Or bwoinks)

now i see the powergaming that could be done. maybe they could only buff them on MRP?

i also like the idea of mandatory trials on MRP

Don’t remove lawyers, they’re the only job that can inconspicuously carry around a briefcase launchpad

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Oh god, I just forgot how much I love briefcase launchpad.


The added equipment basically makes them the same as my Deputy idea, which whilst being a potential role, is not the same duty as Lawyer.

The wiki is outdated since Brig Physician is a relatively new addition, healing would be their duty not the Lawyer’s now.

I think the Lawyer is and should remain a 100% RP inspired role. My opinion on this is derived 100% from having to repeatedly stop detectives from over-escalating with their gun, and seeing detectives act like normal members of sec instead of fulfilling their actual job of investigating.

Mandatory trials on MRP if a lawyer is present sounds like a good way toward making them more useful though.

Give the lawyer a ic way of contacting centcom (The admins) and give reports about all the health and safety violations on the station.

Also give the lawyer basic departmental access so he can properly preform health and safety inspections.

Also add a fine mechanic where the lawyer can find departments for health and safety violations or dereliction of duty.


Now that I like a lot, put them in charge of preventing legal action against NT via safety inspector type role when they aren’t being a defense attorney

Not that NT likely cares about actual legal action, but it looks good to have someone to pretend you do

But… only clowns, assistants and chaplins need money. And… only three of those would actually do something to be fine worthy

It’s what I do as a lawyer all the time. Would be nice to be ignored by the admins and not only the hos, hop and cap who are the ones I usually report to

If the medbay is unsanitary and non sterile I’m going to recommend a penalty for this. The ones with actual power get to decide what this penalty may be but fines are the easiest to do

Lawyer remains what it is a role made for RP change the players not the job :’))

This can also synergise with the janitor as if there’s actually something that could happen if your workplace was trashy even if it’s just a fine people would probably be slightly more likely to call upon the janitor to actually do their job


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Yeah just give em one of those fax machines from other servers and maybe some basic departmental access so they can do inspections. The accses isn’t really required as the hop can give it to him but it would be preferable

This is a big fat no. Lawyers can be traitors and revs. No buffing lawyers without removing antag status