How to fix mining and make it accessible and based (Thread)

Just fucking tear down the walls and shit for mats like you’re a fucking swarmer, and delete lavaland from the game. That’ll work out, I’m sure.

if you dissasemble the teleporter you can get 5 bs crystals (10 if you go for the AI one too). Then just make a BS miner or three and wait. That’s literally all you need. Enjoy being snail mode tho.

delete lavaland from the game

Okay, but why? If you said replace it with something I’d understand, but what did lavaland ever do to you

there are plenty of materials in the walls, just learn to share, we don’t need a planet for that shit

but where do the megafuana and lavaland roles spawn? do they all just spawn in maint?

No shit, sherlock.
We already have mrp-tier megafauna (cat-surgeon) on the station, a few more megafauna won’t hurt.

They don’t? Because they’re unnecessary?

look if people want to fight megafauna we can just increase her speed to twice that of LRP and give her a thousand health and AA. Gives everyone a good challenge even if the antags are crap and the AI can’t cuck the crew of a good time because the cat surgeon is actually a human

yeah, also make her crew so that shes also stronger on mrp ( as if the 4x wasn’t enough because we all know mrp has the most robust people of all)

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No, cat surgeon is not human under asimov, npc mobs don’t count as human bro.

where does it say that?

remove all loot from lavaland, make miners mine again.

or just give science a BSminer round start

in the silicon policy:

humans aren’t critters/animals tho?

Are you incapable of reading all the text, my man?

you can turn anyone into crew trough sec console but cant turn npcs into humans (without murder)