How to fix/downgrade/reinstall BYOND

aka: How to fix BYOND being a little bitch.

If BYOND is bugging out, try the first part before moving onto the second. If you want to downgrade or just reinstall BYOND, go to the second part. NOTE: This is for Windows primarily, so if you freaks with OS or Linux can throw in tips I’ll try to add them.

Fixing BYOND

  1. In the BYOND window, click the cog in the top right and select “Preferences”.
  2. In the new window, select the “Games” tab. Press “Clear Cache”
  3. Load back into your game. This may take a little longer as it rebuilds the cache, but fixes a lot of issues.
  4. Edit, pointed out by itsmeowdev If the above doesn’t work, you can follow the first 4 steps in the next section for a more thorough cleaning of your local BYOND cached files.

Reinstalling BYOND

  1. In the BYOND window, click the cog in the top right and select “Preferences”.
  2. In the window, select “Advanced” tab and “Open User Directory”.
  3. At this point you can open the “cfg” folder and save your “Bookmarks” file, don’t think there is anything else worth backing up.
  4. Exit BYOND, fully then back out to the directory root and delete the whole “BYOND” folder. (Wont work without BYOND running)
  5. Download the version of BYOND you want from here: Index of /download/build (as of 11/4/23 the current server is using:
  6. Uninstall BYOND.
  7. Install BYOND from the freshly downloaded version.
  8. Log back into BYOND and restore your “Bookmarks” file if you backed it up.
  9. Join BeeStation.

This doesn’t always work, since it doesn’t clear your skin files. The skin file is what can cause windows to sometimes not appear at all - Delete Documents/BYOND/Skins

Thanks, I’ll edit it to include.