How to become big mumke

required thangs: access to genetics, anti tox (not anti rads) someone who isnt dumb(rare)

step 1: go to gene wizards/be a gene wizard
step 2:ask them to turn you into a monkey and blast you with rads until your at 1500%+(do that by saving you to buffer as monkey and spamming occupant, both UI and UE work)
step ٣: wait
step IV: enter go rilla

things to consider:
you are valid
you cant do this on your own
people will think its mumkey round and kill you
its random and sometimes happens immediately and sometimes doesn’t happen for 10 mins this is why you might need anti toxins
make a scooter to go fast
you cant heal with chems but you can use bruise packs/ointments
you can have nanites somehow


Just stand in SM chamber



CE on lrp stood in Sm for like 10000 years then monkeybombed medbay and they all went gorila and ended the station


Based guide

Return to monki

Evolve to gorilla

Supreme lifeform

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i did this and became appointed as a gorilla cop


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