How to be annyoing catboy

Step1: Choose a felind race.
Step2: Exist.
My exstensive research shows, that people tend to attack you or act like cunts toward you, if you are a felind. However this gives you some advantages. If you play your felind role good, that means nya and shit, people will underestimate your abilities. If you are pretty robust, you can take people trying to fuck with you or beat you up by suprise and beat the living soul of them witha toolbox. Getting killed by a felind is really embarassing so not only are you killing them, you are inflicting psychical damage on to your opponent.
You better change your apperance once in a while or people start to recognize you and they will be cautious when near you.


in other words:

how to be a master baiter


someone who appears ridiculous might still be a threat. Thus you should always beware the clown, mime, pink haired people and that one dude wearing a tutu.

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Pro tip for felinids: eating coco makes your tail longer and your ears fluffier


In other words: How to be a faggot


How to be the bane of my existence

How to make me want to end my existence with a bullet through my skull

i swear to god a catboy just said “law 2 go away” as I was a borg and playing the curb your enthusiasm theme because he was trying to chat up with a catgirl and I have never felt so much rage

Step 1: Find cat surgeon. Step 2: Become cat Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit!

Did you cave his skull in with your guitar?

i tried, it was on [redacted furry server] and they banned me right away because my excuse was that he was an antisemite

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Sorry, Kain is the only catboy I find acceptable.

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kain sounds like a girl name

ok idea permaban everyone that responded to this thread

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kain’s a girls name? what are you stupid or something?

you responded :flushed:

me smoothbrain
sretcarahc 02

yeah whatever, feline man child fuck

I had a felinid character once. I tried to roleplay like a normal decent human though I always got cucked by people because of the assumption that all felinid players are ERPers or metagangers. When I never did either of those on the server. No we are not bringing up the clown incident that wasn’t my fault that time No point in removing felinids either, shitters will just go on to ruin mothpeople and lizardpeople and whatever else their gross sweaty palms get on.

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