How to be a robust spessman AKA How To Not Break Rule 4

Bitch you thought

Thought you had no rules as an antag? Well guess again.

Your employers need you to do your job efficiently and have given you some rules on how to follow em, lest you be fired from working for the syndicate again.

Subsection 1 & 2

Antagonists are expected to follow any rules that do not interfere with their objective.

Otherwise antagonists are free to complete their objective by any means available.

Try to follow the other rules unless they are in direct interference of doing your objective, pretty simple. Not talking about space law, moreso about server rules. (You cannot ERP as antag)

Subsection 3

You must work with fellow antags towards completing a group objective if there is one.

Actively working against your team or just not participating in the team objective is ban worthy, there ain’t no fucking reason to be Heath Ledger Joker and killing your entire team for a bigger cut.

Subsection 4

Traitors, Blood Brothers, and Changelings must complete at least one of their objectives before engaging in mass murder/destruction.

Everyone is to follow this rule, admins have banned many people for murderboning without an objective. Don’t think antag is just an excuse to kill without remorse to get your RL frustrations out on other spessman, you can only get em out once admins have proof you have one obj.


I think that was only for obsessive an tags.

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Obsessed can’t ERP either.

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I know but I bet some want to before they kill their target.

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they changed it, you must complete half of your objectives rounded up, so if you have 3 objectives you need to complete 2 before murderboning

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