How to be a good non-antag AKA how to not break rule 3

Still here?

Do you actually need to read all of these?

Seriously, I know I am making them, but I didn’t realize people actually needed to read these to understand the simple rules


Subsection 1

Self-antagging includes damaging the station, attacking other players without a valid reason, and subverting the established chain of command as a non-antagonist role.

DO not break shit because they can be broken, space law cops can whack your bitchass for doing so, so don’t ahelp if you are doing it (unless they start actually whacking you)

DO not break people for no reason just because they can be broken, Space law cops will whack your bitchass for doing so, so don’t ahelp if you are doin it (your ahelp will be trashed)

DO not break the chain of command just because you are the only guy with a gun, you will be shoved into wall and whacked until horizontal (YoUR AhElP wILl bE laUgHeD aT)

Subsection 2

Griefing includes intentionally ruining the game by abusing ingame mechanics (exploits, force crashes/lag, spamming shuttle delay, ect.)

DO not break the literal coded rules of the game, it makes it harder for everyone in the game. You may get some joy from getting some fat sweaty nerds angry, but I will remind you that you are nothing. Because you play SS13 (just like me)

Subsection 3

You may defend yourself against others in any way you are capable, but you must avoid escalating the situation if possible.

Feel free to dish out some death when you are hit with a bullet, but knock a fucker out if they spam shove you. But refer to the levels of escalation to further understand this shit.