How NOT to be an uncouth savage AKA how to not break rule 1

Let it be known that if you are reading this guide, You are likely invested in joining the Beestation server or have already been banned for being a bitchass and dont want it to happen again.

Or maybe, JUST maybe you are an experienced beestation player who wants to know how to act when interacting with new players.

I will save the first subsection of the rule for last, since it is more for experienced players when dealing with new playerst.


Subsection 2

do not excessively bully/harass other plays in or out of game

It’s a pretty simple rule, do not annoy or target people in Space Station 13 just because you wanna ruin their game. It also concerns not harassing them on discord or other media platforms, since we don’t know how much of a whiny faggot your target is.

Literally no one wants to hear some kid whine constantly that someone is constantly killing them every single round.

It also concerns metagruding

Don’t stalk the person you hate and try and make sec arrest them when they commit a crime, no matter how small, or change AI laws so it targets one specific person.

In simpler terms, don’t ruin someone’s round by getting them killed, arrested, stripped and thrown where they can’t get out. Just because you don’t like them

Do not kill a person when you are an antag simply because you do not like em.

If you are murderboning the entire station, that is fine, but do not call it a murderbone round when you kill your target and that one robust guy you hate.

It is fine to do it either way, since you are justified as an antag, but it is still being a dick.

Subsection 3

*ERP is banned as this server contains minors.

ERP stands for Erotic Role Play

In layman’s terms:

DO NOT type out sexual content

Pretty fucking simple, we have minors everywhere on the server. Even some of the jannies are minors, and they don’t wanna read that shit and realize it is just a sweaty fat fuck typing it out to an 8 bit felinid.

Subsection 4

Lawyering rules/silicon laws provided in game is not encouraged

Don’t be a tryhard that tries to twist the rules to your favor using shitty interpretations that no one else agrees with.

When the common agreement is in place, don’t be a dickhead that tries to bend it in a way that only favors you.

Does not apply to antag adding hacked or experimental laws, since it is only a law that has to be interpreted between two parties (AI and the antag who changed them)

In that case, it is up to the AI to interpret the Law along with pointers from the person who changed them.

BE WARNED, that if you have no idea how AI laws work. Don’t even try it unless your law is descriptive and goes for what you intend.

Subsection 5

Don’t attack/damage the arrivals shuttle, and do not attack anyone until they have left the area at least once


Don’t be a fucking dickhead and end a person’s round before it even begins.

That is the most dickish thing to do and makes everyone think less of you, and when you get the server to hate you, you get the admins to permaban you for being too toxic to the community, since you literally provide nothing to everyone to the server at that point.

Subsection 1

Be patient with other players and assist when you can. Especially new ones

Remember that even if this is the most chaotic server on SS13, it is also for beginners who want to learn how to play the game.

This area is more for experienced players dealing with new players and such.


You are an experienced non-antag spess man going about your business, when all of a sudden, this spess man who is buckled to a shuttle chair asks why they can’t leave their seat.


A. Tell them to click on the seat or to click on the buckled sign at the top right


B. Beat them to death (Or just go about your day)

If you choose B, then you have already broken the first rule.

Because you are actively steering people away from our community and from the game altogether taking your actions as everyone’s action.

Option B may have been a bit memey, but it is an over exaggeration of what even little actions can do to new players.

The proper thing to do in all cases of meeting new players is to refer them to the mentor tab for all their questions, seeing as we have a team of volunteers ready to give answers, and it won’t take much out of your time except for the amount you have to type.

If you do take it upon yourself to teach new players, please teach them the basics first as to not drive them away too fast.

Basics like

  • Walking/Running

  • Eating

  • Cycling intents

  • Interactive objects