How long does it take a player to improve?

It’s an interesting question.

Suppose someone either learns bad behavior from a different server or is a bad actor for other reasons. Obviously not everyone is going to respond to being told “you’re being bad” by simply saying “oh you’re right” and changing. There’s stubbornness and pride to consider.

There’s also the idea of players becoming acclimated to a server. Is a little bad behavior excusable in the beginning because they’re new and not used to things yet? And how much is really excusable?

More than anything, do you think that people who do something incredibly terrible are capable of ever truly feeling sorry for their actions and reforming and becoming better players?

I wonder how many people have been permabanned who have since learned their lesson. I wonder if anyone who receives the mighty perma ban ever truly does.

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I’m actually starting to think that Maggot and Michiru are the exact same person.


But this isn’t a bad question? I find it mildly interesting, but when reading the title I was thinking more on terms of robustness.

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Yes, because that is something I have done. I used to be a massive shitter, now I only become a fraction of my old self when I get really bored or angry, but generally I have learned my lesson. People can change.

the father son and holy spirit of the maggot man


Something based coming from Belone? HOW

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Oh how I’ve missed Michiru’s shitty threads

Probably by how much they play? When I started this year I was a complete shitter and started to play sec, well once I was the HoS and executed the clown cuz I was bored. I was a shitter and now I believe I have become a better player, I know what I can do and what is forbidden. I also spend alot of my time on forums to read what people think, to understand what people count as “based” and acceptable and what is “unbased” and really bad. I am still trying to improve, but I believe you cant just be perfect. Yes there are some based players on Bee but they too sometimes fuck up.

So my answer is: Play as much as you like and interact with people to know what the community accepts and have fun without taking someone else’s fun. When people acknowledge you, then you will know youre a good player and people like to interact with you.

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Actual Answer - Depends on the player really.

Some folks may currently be too stubborn to be willing to change their behaviour.
Others may simply have temper issues & thus be temporarily unwilling to accept that they’re potentially in the wrong during whatever incident they were in, before later apologising once they’ve cooled down.
Others may genuinely take an effort to improve upon being bwoinked, yadda yadda yadda.

don’t encourage him bro. this shit is like stuff you would ignore in OOC chat tier. and this mongoloid is making a thread like every couple hours on dumb shit

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It says it was removed but it is visibly not removed


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Mirangue Guy


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players never improve
they just learn how to avoid getting banned or get banned forever

I am going to be both of them