How does one cope as a ghost

a ling killed me at the start of the round and later disconnected and am mad and probably nobody is gonna find me not even shitsec is gonna question why nobody is working at my department

Take a ghost role
ghost tab → spawners menu or such
plenty of roles in there usualy you can play on LL
or wait until something comes up, like a roboticist needing a posibrain filed
or just observe the round… perhapps a mid-round antag will come up for you to take

take a break

Ghost roles are definitely best. but remember not to use them as respawns
If there are no roles you can also play as a pAI or ask an admin online if you can get a specific role (i.e. drone) or Thunderdome set up (Will usually be a “no” but it doesn’t hurt to ask).

/act_cope 1


I tend to do other stuff when dead/observing like play some singleplayer game or the like

Just play brigador or new vegas idk.


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