How does one access NSV?

every time i go on the bee website to go on the server i always see nsv greyed and crossed out? i heard about people playing on it but i never see it active?

Try server hopping onto it from mrp. Or you might wanna search for its wiki, as it is defacto its website now

you can do ?check nsv in the discord and click the link in the message

It used to open for public testing on weekends during the summer, but they’re now focused on private testing before the full release. Go to their site to join their discord. You might also be able to get their build on their github to pratice setting up their uniques engines, learn how munitions works, and the likes.

Also, Crossedfall, when (if) NSV get merged proper into beestation, how will staff and rules be merged ? Because I know it is 18+ in the same way TG is, and the staff is completly different (even tough Francinum just joined the regular server team).

NSV is dead until October 16th, which is when they go 24/7