How does atmospherics cool air? [MAPPING]

I’m curious how atmospherics is meant to cool air. I’m building a station at the moment and I’m seeing all the rooms constantly rising in temperature, and I can’t find a setup on any other station meant to regulate temperature, so I’m wondering how it’s done? I would imagine scrubbers should suck when the air is too hot from a fire to get rid of hot air, but that would be done manually via siphoning. Right now temperature is just passively rising (Don’t think machines emit heat, but just from lifeforms breathing probably) and it never goes down, so the station becomes a death sentence in short order as it gets too hot. What am I doing wrong?

Are the Scrubbers and Vents in each room connected to the AIR alarms in each room?

Are there Thermo machines controlling the temperature of the AIR and Waste gas pipes?

To test air circulation in rooms, admin remove all gas, then pump plasma/n2o/no2 into the system to see how the gas spreads.

That’s because the default atmospherics layout is awful and is meant to be improved upon by Atmos Techs.
And as such, there’s only two thermomachines that manimulate the station air : The one connected to Distro, which heats it up to room temperature, and the one that connects to Waste, which cools it down to room temperature (if I remember correctly).

short answer, it doesn’t without meddling from an atmos tech.

Your station’s air temp should not be rising at all

Maybe a fire anomaly happened?

Toxins might have done a funny

Every room does have scrubbers and vents (sometimes multiple). When you say connected to the airalarm, do you just mean they will appear in the scrubber/vent list in the air alarm? If so yes.

I will test the air circulation this way. I have just been dumping random waste gas and poking random holes to see how it deals with it.

I do not have thermomachines connected. I add thermomachines to distro and waste and test again. Thank you all.

Just trying to think of every way atmo can go crazy.

If you are still stuck, scan the pipes with an Advanced Scanner (one in Chief Engs toolbelt) Could help you narrow down source to Scrubbers or Air Pipes. (if scrubbers get hot first then it may be an issue in a room, if the AIR gets hot first, then it’s a problem with the air distro) If there is a gas reaction going on (like Turbine) Please make sure that’s not being vented into the scrubber pipes.

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