How do you effectively cool a fusion TEG?

I hooked up the pluxium waste pipe to the TEG hot loop and it produced 600 - 1100 gigawatts of electricity, but the cold loop instantly got clogged because it became millions of degrees hot, I expanded the space heat exchanger pipes and added triple layers but that did nothing to combat that extreme heat.

You need a massive ass space loop, or lots of coolers; Even then, with the temps of fusion, it doesnt matter much if your cold loop is a billion kelvin, if your hot loop is 20 billion kelvin

5-6 freezers with t4 parts should be enough and plasma in the tubes of course. Freezers are better than space loops when it comes to teg.

Not at the temps of fusion; I had a fusion TEG with 130GW output, 8 T4 coolers and a triple layered space loop; didnt really do much

Build a cooling loop that goes around the station

Make 20 t4 freezers like in a tritium SM

I run tritum SM with roundstart space loop.

Is it PURE tritium? (Only trit)

how does it not melt.

By dumping (and trapping) a large amount of plasma in the cooling section.

Such a thing can’t really exist due to how much plasma/O2 the Sm produces when exposed to large amounts of trit.

Isnt the scrubber below sm exploit can make it possible ruko? well of course before you admeme delete/explode it

I don’t actually know a lot about the exploit or how it works, so I’m not sure.

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