How do i use hyperspace as a tile

So when shuttle travels there is this cool hyperspace effect

its obvious that shuttle is not moving its illusion, im trying to place a room in this hyperspace.

So far what i achieved

  • not moving hyperspace tile that throws you into random z level
  • shitty centcom hyperspace tile

im struggling to get that exact animation when shuttle travels, anyone knows how to do it ?

from what i seen it creates hyperspace in z12 and then deletes it.
If we add a little bit of reason to this then centcom hyperspace region is too small, it has to generate hyperspace according to shuttle size

The animation is played based off if you are in the shuttle’s area while it is in motion, so you need to rewrite the system.

Edit: The hyperspace area from what I can tell just teleports you randomly when you touch it. The thing that is important is the area you are in, since it changes the parralax background effect to have its X constantly change. This is impossible to do for a single room, since it moves the entire background, not just the tiles.

sad space noises ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’

you could take a build your own shuttle and just alter it to be the room you want. If the thing you want is for the floor in the room to be hyperspace, there probably isnt a way to accomplish that. I dont think the fake space tiles mirror the hyperspace outside of the shuttle while in a shuttle.