How could we rework hivemind?

Like what could we do to make it more than revs with powers and no objective

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That would be a big freakin’ endeavor, reworking an entire gamemode. Would be kickass, though, and if Bee managed clockies that probably isn’t impossible.

oh yeah cancer gamemode, maybe you would need to hijack shuttle, and had to add people into hivemind, but they cant harm anyone or destroy anything you can use them only to get more people into hivemind by aggro grab like ling (mindshield only protects before they are in hivemind) after enough people in hivemind you become some sort powerful being with some sort of esp powers and go lynch the station

Right now we kinda very very useless- the hivemind has no objectives besides assimilate until you have enough people to rip and tear

I think the best rework for hivemind was the removal of it.

A game mode that’s purely stealthy conversion is honestly just kind of boring for everyone.

It would be cool to see it reworked - but I honestly don’t see it happening.

I’ve only ever played hiveminds as a hivemind, but it was tons of fun, didn’t seem broken at all. Maybe it’s not as fun for the rest of the station as non antag but neither are plenty of other game modes

Instead of being another shitty mindshield deconversion gamemode make it so you have to remove the parasite via surgery :flushed:

Well, I’m bored at work so here goes my best attempt:

Das TextBrick


At roundstart the Hivelord is given three minutes to choose its first host much like a sentient virus, except that it may not take control of mindshielded players. While not controlling a host directly, Hivelord may swap its conscience from body to body.

Hivelord has abilities to spend points on, and gains one point to spend every time they assimilate a new body into the hive. Catatonic humanoids may not be assimilated since there is no mind present.

Unlike in the original, assimilated players (hosts) are actually converted into antagonists and gain the ability to communicate with one another and the hivelord(s) via telepathy once they have been converted. All hosts share the hivemind’s objectives but must act according to the hivelord’s directions like Cyborgs obey an AI.

Objectives would be assimilating specific crew members and hijacking the shuttle.

Conversion and hivelord death

  • Crew with mindshields are prevented from being assimilated.
  • Hosts that receive mindshields are not deconverted, but are cut off from the hive entirely until the implant is removed (no telepathy, no hivelord control). They remain loyal to the hive.
  • Hosts that are killed may not be cloned due to technobabble about brain scrambling. (May still be defibbed)
  • A Hivelord is destroyed if it is in control of someone when they are mindshielded or when the final unshielded host receives a mindshield.
  • The round ends if there is no remaining hivelord.


Hivemind Telepathy - Hivelord and all hosts have this power at all times and may use it to communicate undetected.
Control Host - Hivelord starts with this power.
Allows the Hivelord to assume direct control of a single host indefinitely.
Hivelord may not rotate between hosts while this is active and may not relinquish control while any ability is on cooldown. Host retains awareness and may still use telepathy to communicate, but has no control of their body for the duration.
Assimilate Mind - Hivelord starts with this power, but may only use it while in control of a host. Converts any non-mindshielded humanoid into a new host and puts the hivelord immediately in control of them upon success. Must be channeled and it should be subtle but not be undetectable.
If used on a mindshielded target, the hivelord/host are subjected to impaired vision, hearing and confusion for a short time and the target should be noticeably alerted that an attempt was made to control their mind.

Mindbreak: Sensory - 1 point - Target player is subject to a random HUD hallucination (Toxic gas, Too hot, No Oxygen, etc.)
Mindbreak: Recognition - 2 points - Target player hallucinates that all humanoids as indistinguishable monkeys for the duration. 1.5 minute duration
Mindbreak: Language - 3 points - Target player speaks in unintelligible gibberish for the duration of the effect. 1 minute duration
Mindbreak: Exhaustion - 5 points - Target player is subject to a gradual stamina drain, entering stamcrit after 15 seconds if nothing counteracts it. 45 second duration, player is warned that they are suddenly feeling very tired.
Mindbreak: Trauma - 8 points - Target player is given a random, severe brain trauma (Except split personality)

  • Mindbreaks all share the same, long cooldown, so using one puts all of them on cooldown. Choose wisely.

Ascension - 4 points - Upgrade the current host’s mind into a hivelord. Hosts and objectives are shared between hivelords, but abilities and points are earned individually.
Telepathic Sense - 4 points - Hosts will passively see living mobs through walls
Mindshield Sense - 4 points - Hosts will passively see a HUD indicator for all crew with mindshields
Stealthikinesis - 6 points - Nerfed telekinesis mutation, but there is no visible tell for who has it. Once an object is thrown with stealthikinesis, the ability goes on a short (5 second) cooldown and control of the thrown item is lost.
Telepathic Screech - 8 points - Causes confusion in all other nearby players for 20 seconds, and additionally 50 brain damage to all hivemind hosts. Use carefully.

Have fun finding someone willing to code it. Definitely needs tweaking and probably some more abilities, but that’s my best ideas for one night.

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Yeah because we need another conversion antag.

I mean I feel like this wouldn’t be the hardest thing to code ruko
Think we could do it?

Make 2 hiveminds fight eachother?

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