Hot take on some antagonist stuff (Incursion IAA/ect)

Hey it’s ya boy Sumter again with another hot post about stupid stuff no ones gonna wants to do anything about. Todays topic is on some funky antag stuff that should be changed because they can be better.

First, what happened to IAA? Did they just replace it with Incursion? Because those aren’t the same thing. I quite liked traitor battle royale as it was very amusing for everyone, even security who would have no idea what the hell was going on as they find random bodies everywhere and people murdering each other with eswords and bombs. If it was a problem of 10 antagonists killing command and sec before mauling each other, you could just of made that a rule. I really can’t think of anything else as to why this was abandoned.

Secondly, Incursion is/has become a little bit garbage. When it first came out, they had to do like 6 things and at least one of them was super hard like killing the AI, but now they have 4 or 5 and two of them tend to be duplicates (IE 1. assassinate the captain, 2. prevent the captain from escaping alive 3. kill ex-traitor 4. escape). There’s also the question of the ex-traitors. Why are they doing objectives IC for an organization who sent a literal hit-squad to kill them? Why don’t they just run to security, reveal themselves and work with sec in killing off their pursuers? I would do that IRL. Just seems a bit dumb to me that you would put your life on the line for no reason and then help the Incursion by being killed off or captured and permad by security.

Also why isn’t nuke ops more common? Out of all the bull-honkey the syndicate throws at the station, just straight nuking the place you’d think would be the most effective. Yes, these tend to end up being shorter rounds one way or another, but it’s refreshing to have a straight and violent round at least once or twice a day instead of maybe once a week as it keeps things interesting in what can be an incredibly dull game at times.

Finally, post-game battle royale. With the update that removed maints access for assistants, this game mode has become rather jank as the contestants only get a about a minute to escape the drop zone before they are limited to main hallways. This can be fixed two ways. The first is for the game mode to enable emergency maints access as part of the game mode, or set all doors to EA so the contestants can have unrestricted movement to grab crates. The other way would be to create a custom role that gives the contestant an AA ID specifically for this game mode. another problem is how the kill wall works. It makes no sound and so people don’t realize it’s there until it appears on the wall next to them and by that time it instantly gibs them less than a second afterward. It also tends to cause situations where there is no clear winner as multiple people died at the end when the walls closed into the 1x1 space they were fighting on. My solution is to have the walls stop in a 8x8 pattern to allow the remaining contestant to fight rage-cage style until a clear winner is determined.

What’s your thoughts? I just erased a whole essay-long rant I wrote here in an attempt to pre-empt what you might post for comments that was longer than the rest of my post. Be civil, try to focus on the positives of what I suggested, and don’t ever mention WYCI to me or I’ll reply with the full rage-essay on why your parents never loved you. Thank you.

turned off from config after a community vote

because they most likely operate under a new company or have personal objectives

how would you know they are ex-traitors? outside of completely metagaming it and grabbing their uplink and seeing if they can buy syndicate radios there is no reason to believe this man with syndicate technology ISN’T an active terrorist/spy/saboteur/assassin/whatever

nukes are expensive, every single nuke is litterly stolen from nanotrasen and nuclear operative teams have some of the best gear, it would be stupid to also just nuke all the research you have to steal later as well. why it’s rare gameplay wise? because making it rare makes it feel more spiecal or something, all gamemodes got sorted out with a community vote so more disliked gamemodes became rarer or even dynamic only

battle royal was and is a horrible unfinished mess

We did a comunity vote on IAA? Damn i don’t remember it, but i agree it was quite of chaotic fun every once in a while seeing how they murder each other, and quite engaging for sec and medbay, tho i wasn’t fan of the mini battle royale update that it ended up having

I agree that incursion objectives seems to be ‘bugged’ and they end up getting duplicates which is… lame

Battle Royale is a mega WIP that i’m not sure if it will ever be updated/maintained tho the emergency access thing could be a neat add.

keeps things interesting in what can be an incredibly dull game at times

That’s a Bee specific problem, not an ss13 problem.
Bee has decided to become a brain fog inducing job simulator hugbox with 2+ hour rounds, where half the crew goes cryo after 30 minutes.
Play a few rounds on /tg/, for a refreshing new perspective on what the game can be like.

Thank you all for exceeding my expectations on reply to my thread!

For IAA, now I have more questions now. Why was that put to a vote and why would anyone vote to remove a perfectly good game mode? I’d take just about anything that would keep rounds interesting, and this is certainly less disruptive than Incursion or just normal traitors as they rarely have other objectives that result in killing innocent crewmembers besides eliminating witnesses.

For Incursion excommunicates, we aren’t given any information anywhere for other non-NT related companies they can be working for, and I wouldn’t risk my life trying to steal the black box recorder for no reason than “because I can”.

@bluezorua you’re right about the point that security doesn’t really know whose side they’re on even if they come forward, but I would like to believe that if a traitor was open with me as a secoff/captain that I’d be willing to work with them to capture their pursuers even if they themselves weren’t trustworthy. You also have a good point about nuke ops as well. While nuking the place is highly effective, it’s also pretty expensive to pull off outside of just stealing the self destruct codes and sending a solo op in (which I wouldn’t mind more often either)

@Hehehhhhhehehhhh I’ve only ever played on Bee and NSV. I tried Oasis but the lack of staff and massive amount of aggressive violence and racism was a bit much for me. NSV is the bread and butter of what I would like this game to be, but sadly they agree with Bees job simulator policy and antags are even fewer there. It’s also only open on the weekends which is just dumb. I might try OG /tg/, but I’ve only ever really known Bee…

Go elsewhere if you are incapable of understanding the intended gameplay loop. People like you make said gameplay loop terrible.


sseth tiders telling us ss13 is intended to be robust mc antag simulator :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

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Is having 50 ghosts on some rounds, when nobody is dying, really a sign of a healthy server?

That’s an extremely bold claim for someone who doesn’t have access to check-antagonists to make.

50 ghosts shown in the orbit menu, is 50 people who either cryo’d, died (people rarely die on here), or went observer mode.
Sometimes, a large part of the crew just gets replaced with latejoins because the original crew got bored and left.

Exactly, inactive ghosts. Almost like not everyone can commit to playing a full round every time.

People rarely die? Do we play the same server? Or is your perception so warped that any round without mass death is slow?

People rarely die?

Medbay has to practically fight over people to revive if there’s more than one doctor.
But maybe you’re right. Maybe I simply have the wrong mindset for this kind of server. Sorry for the seethe.

Good ending

Server has good balance, I do think that most rounds get extremely boring but that’s a me issue not server’s or people’s fault.