Hot Honkin' Stuff (unknown ckey) report

CKEY: Doktorwueue

Your Discord: wueue#5150

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Hot Honkin’ Stuff

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 7.29.2022

Round Number: 39595

Rules Broken: Rule 8, Rule 9

Incident Description: I only witnessed it a little bit as most of the incident was witnessed by Millii.
But all in all the Clown went into atmos near the end of the round and changed it so the stations air woudl contain N20 as a prank to make them laugh.
I wouldnt call this acceptable as it is pretyt much sabotaging the entire station as a non-antag clown

you’re… reporting a clown for a no-harm prank? If all it was was making people laugh, slipping is more harmful. No harm=no sabotage.

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you are aware thats he sbaotaged atmos for this?

no harm=not sabotage, that’s like saying chef “wasted all the ingredients” by making food, if it’s fixable and it isn’t harmful, it isn’t sabotage


Only made them laugh and not comatose, so A+ prank


From a RP perspective i can absolutely see this being considered sabo… prank or no altering the stations atmosphere seems like something that no command, anywhere, would allow or approve, seems rather excessive of a prank for a clown

Also how dod he get in? Was he let in?

Clowns little n2o stunt resulted in warden being stranded on the station because he was too busy carrying people.


Millii or @Not_a_Shark can tell you more as they were mostly involved in it i just witnessed parts of it.
i made an ahelp in round but no admins ( who werent involved in this) were avaiable.

I’ll be looking into this soon. Thanks for the report :slight_smile:

@rkvothe14 i think @Not_a_Shark asked me to make this player report as they were involved in it. i would ask them for more details on the incident

Ah yes, Sadly my input is fairly small.
I assumed them to be an antagoist at the time (only checked at round end iirc)
The Clown wandered into atmos, to which i follwed and found muliple pipes unwrenched, and the area beset with N2O.
I was not ablive to verfy but i am very much certain that N2O did make it into the hallways and caused genuine issues.
I do belive this was a genuine self-antag/Sabotage of station atmoshereics

Alright, took a lil bit, sorry about that!

Thanks Wueue and Millii for your input!

After a bit of a log dive I can attest that the clown’s intentions were primarily “to be funny”, but in turn ended up griefing the station a little bit too much, considering the ongoing cult threat at the time. I can’t, in good conscience, encourage this kind of behavior for our funny individuals, so I’ll be issuing a short server ban so lessons are learnt. There are way better pranks to perform as a clowndividual.

I also saw that all of this was possible thanks to the then current shift’s HoP giving random dept access to the clown, which was used to perpetrate the grief:

(singling out engineering access below, there were other funny dept access added to the Clown’s ID.)

ID: BillyMayz/(Jimmie Jefferson) added Engineering to Hot Honkin’ Stuff’s ID Card (Clown) using Jimmie Jefferson’s ID Card (Head of Personnel) at Head of Personnel’s Office (139, 129, 2).

For this, I’ll also be applying a command ban to this player. Command responsibly!

Anyways, thanks for reporting!

Report processed