HoS Player Report

In-game report:

   Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Player Report

   Your Discord:

   Offender’s CKEY:

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name:

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 02-05-2020

   Round Number: 12206 (next round was 12208)

   Rules Broken: Escalation

   Incident Description: Other players complained of Security being very aggressive. 

   Additional Information: I have no personal grievance, but creating this report for other players to share their side of the story.

I was one of the many victims. I hope others chime in, so I don’t look like an idiot, but I was DEFINITELY not the only guy with problems with HoS. I have to sleep so I will keep this concise and leave log searching to the admins.

Arbalezt, HoS, was validhunting the entire round. I mean, bad validhunting. Arretsed someone and permabrigged them for having an RCD (thought that was a traitor objective (note: not a traitor)) and then the CE finds me talking to a guy in maint who I told about my being a traitor. All he sees is two guys talking in maint. Of course, he goes and reports me to HoS, god knows why. HoS spends 30 minutes searchign for me while I hide in maintenance, under the crime of “Resisting Arrest” and nothign else.

My janitor friend who was in maintenance with me earlier PDA’s me: “Where are you? i resisted arrest and got away” I reply: “Not that we’re saying anythign bad, but watch out, AI can hear you here.” Not important yet.

HoS plea deals me atfer arresting and exeucting other traitors on no evidence. he says he will sotp his validhunting if I come in an he searches me. I do not trust him, but I want to get along with the rest of my shift so I comply (I did not know that he had been validhunting).

I walk into brig, and he arrests me on the charges that I am a blood brother because of the earlier PDA’s. Despite them being suspciious, they have no evidence whatsoever, and this janitor isn’t related to this syndicate bullshit so, basically, HoS arrests me on nothing but PDAs. Okay, fair. What crime am I charged on? None, and he says so himself. Instead, he just strips and permabrigs me, all while a Rev is telling me they’re going to kill me once I’m permabrigged. The rev did end up killing me I believe whe n iwent catatonic. I was left alone in permabrig with a revenant, to the knowlledge of all security present at the time.
Space law demands I receive a fair trial. I am stripped and permabrigged wiht no trial, no counsel, no AI talk, nothing, and hedl there, buckledand cuffed to a bed for the rest of the round.

I was a traitor, but I was arrested and permabrigged for reqasons completely different to me being a traitor. The only crime I’d commited up to that point is having a revolver, and that was never found by sec.

Again, there are other victims here, such as the guy that was permabrigged for making an RCD. I don’t want to play any rounds where this shitter is the HoS.

It is difficult to say what rules specifically were brokenbesides the entirety of space law, but this guy was responsible for ruining the experience of others on the server and I do not believe that is what Bee Sage stands for. Even as an antagonist, the main core function of every player is to increase the overall fun of the playerbase, with exceptions such as hijack wizards. This head of staff, who is expected to keep shit running, has purposefully ruined other’s shifts for his own benefit and I despise anyone that does that kinda thing, murderboner, shitsec, and greytider alike. At the least I hope to bring a shitter to the admin’s front view and at most I would wish to not have to encounter this guy as a security officer in the near future. Security and Command are delicate jobs that should not be given to those who will mistreat it to ruin the fun of others without proper reason .

Best part of the round was when Valery got arrested 5 times or so for being a lizard, but was revealed at the end to be a traitor who bought nothing.

Digging through the logs for round 12206 to try and give you guys names here, but I don’t think that is the correct round ID. There was no HOS, the only officer joined mid round, and I don’t see any evidence of your situations in chat logs.

Be sure to try and get the correct round ID. Without it we have no way to sort through each round without downloading each of the THICC logs individually. Took me 15 minutes just to confirm that it was not this round since they really are that dense.

Unless someone can give a name, CKEY, or most importantly round ID I won’t be able to find evidence. Without evidence/context we can’t take action.

I was the rev that round. I didn’t kill you when you went catatonic. I don’t think I actively killed anyone that round. I was just messing with you. I hope I didn’t contribute to making that round a bummer, guy. I can backup that you didn’t have anything on you, however, as I was hovering there and remarking that I was going to eat your corpse while they searched you.

The round that occurred after was on the MRP server, round ID 12208. The round the incident occurred in was the round before 12208 on the MRP server.

If you find mention of “NULLPTR”, then that should be the correct round

Gotcha, I’ll go dumpster diving for logs again when I get home in a little bit.

round ID 12205 Arbalezt/(Phyllis Pretzel) is the round and name. The below junk took me a full hour to sift through and decipher. I am very worried about my personal life if I start taking all of these forum reports.

The player has a minimal history of bad conduct. With this and all the below considered I’m going to go with a note on their account that will call for a ban if caught validhunting or over-punishing on MRP.

Alright looking through the logs the reason you were originally arrested were for the following things…

  1. Telling the AI you wanted to onehuman them? Although all I see is you asking them if they wanted to fuck.

[2020-02-05 06:05:19.579] TCOMMS: CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) “I jokingly told the AI i wanted to one human thme.”
[2020-02-05 06:05:22.908] CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) “I literally said I was kidding.”

  1. CE finding an emagged door and you and myles nearby in the maint tunnel.

[2020-02-05 06:04:12.284] Evan423/(Tyson Kellogg)“I found an emagged door.” (language: Galactic Common) (Aft Maintenance (161, 78, 2))
[2020-02-05 06:04:25.205] CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) “If I had an emag I wouldn’t be swinging it aroundusing it on doors.”

(Myles was the one who emagged the door)

[2020-02-05 05:59:48.458] ATTACK: Massked/(Myles Sommer) has attempted to emag [Solar Maintenance] (Aft Maintenance (161, 78, 2))

Those two things certainly in-game warrant a detain and search. He put the call out with the following reason for his sec.

[2020-02-05 06:14:11.699] TCOMMS: Arbalezt/(Phyllis Pretzel) [Security] (spans: command_headset ) “CMO is to be arrested for conspiracy.” (language: Galactic Common) (Brig Control (115, 174, 2))
[2020-02-05 06:27:52.067] TCOMMS: Arbalezt/(Phyllis Pretzel) [Common] (spans: command_headset ) “No harm has been done.” (language: Galactic Common) (Port Bow Maintenance (71, 153, 2))
[2020-02-05 06:27:58.163] TCOMMS: Arbalezt/(Phyllis Pretzel) [Common] (spans: command_headset ) “And no harm will be done if he submits to arrest.” (language: Galactic Common) (Port Bow Maintenance (71, 153, 2))
[2020-02-05 06:30:17.605] PDA: Arbalezt/(Phyllis Pretzel) (PDA: head of security PDA to SIMARIS (AI)) “Law 2, bring the CMO to brig without harming him.” (Starboard Bow Maintenance (171, 148, 2))

You are passively grabbed by the HOS after slipping on a banana and brought to the brig where you are stripped. The banana part may mean there was a chase, but I’m not sure?

[2020-02-05 06:34:34.975] ATTACK: CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) has slipped on the [banana peel] (Central Primary Hallway (113, 142, 2))
[2020-02-05 06:34:45.241] ATTACK: Arbalezt/(Phyllis Pretzel) has grabbed CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) passive grab (NEWHP: 98) (Central Primary Hallway (113, 141, 2))
[2020-02-05 06:35:08.051] ATTACK: Arbalezt/(Phyllis Pretzel) has grabbed CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) passive grab (NEWHP: 98) (Brig (115, 170, 2))
[2020-02-05 06:38:50.654] ATTACK: Koolride21/(Hunter Leslie) has attempted to punch CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) (NEWHP: 98) (Head of Security’s Office (128, 181, 2))
[2020-02-05 06:39:57.894] ATTACK: Koolride21/(Hunter Leslie) has handcuffed CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) (NEWHP: 98) (Head of Security’s Office (128, 181, 2))
[2020-02-05 06:40:03.385] ATTACK: Koolride21/(Hunter Leslie) has grabbed CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) passive grab (NEWHP: 98) (Head of Security’s Office (128, 181, 2))
[2020-02-05 06:40:57.561] ATTACK: Koolride21/(Hunter Leslie) has stripped the medical backpack off CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) (NEWHP: 98) (Prison Wing (105, 178, 2))

They do put you in a jumpsuit and take the handcuffs off where you run away.

[2020-02-05 06:42:10.271] ATTACK: Koolride21/(Hunter Leslie) has attacked CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) with prison jumpsuit (INTENT: GRAB) (DAMTYPE: BRUTE) (NEWHP: 98) (Prison Wing (105, 178, 2))
[2020-02-05 06:44:00.046] ATTACK: Koolride21/(Hunter Leslie) has stripped the handcuffs off CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) (NEWHP: 98) (Prison Wing (97, 181, 2))
[2020-02-05 06:45:20.613] ATTACK: CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) has thrown Prisoner #13-003 (Brig (103, 170, 2))
[2020-02-05 06:45:25.843] ATTACK: Arbalezt/(Phyllis Pretzel) has shot CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) with the electrode (NEWHP: 98) (Brig (106, 169, 2))

Ultimately the thing that I cannot see from this is if you refused to be brought in and ran from the HOS. On LRP after all this there would be no issue. Without proof of being a traitor I agree that you should not have been brigged at all if you didnt run, and only for a little if you did.

The player has a minimal history of bad conduct. All this considered I’m going to go with a note on their account that will call for a ban if caught validhunting or over-punishing on MRP.

Also CHET, I know you were upset but don’t do this in mid round OOC, especially not right after you died when only attacking the HOS as an ice skeleton. While I have no way of proving it, it seems suspiciously like a meta grudge yourself.

[2020-02-05 07:30:32.389] OOC: CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) “i will be observing phyllis”
[2020-02-05 07:32:15.081] SAY: CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) (DEAD) “I am watching Pretzel”
[2020-02-05 07:32:58.442] OOC: CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) “Nancy”
[2020-02-05 07:33:05.663] OOC: CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) “Metagrudge the HoS and kill him”
[2020-02-05 07:33:08.285] OOC: CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) “You fukcing own’t”
[2020-02-05 07:33:11.049] OOC: CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) “You have no balls”
[2020-02-05 07:33:37.213] OOC: CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) “Bitch you threatened to metagrudge me two roudns ago”
[2020-02-05 07:36:35.264] OOC: CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) “Fuck HoS”
[2020-02-05 07:37:04.392] OOC: CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) “Fuck HoS”
[2020-02-05 07:37:20.861] OOC: CHETHEGREAT/(John Yossarian) “Fuck HoS”

[2020-02-05 07:21:04.702] ATTACK: Not megatron/(Nancy Druid) has shot CHETHEGREAT/(ice skeleton) with the practice laser (NEWHP: 75) (Emergency Shuttle (208, 138, 2))
[2020-02-05 07:21:40.606] ATTACK: Bloons3/(NULLPTR) has attacked CHETHEGREAT/(ice skeleton) with stun baton (INTENT: HARM) (DAMTYPE: BRUTE) (NEWHP: 70) (Emergency Shuttle (205, 143, 2))
[2020-02-05 07:22:40.505] ATTACK: CHETHEGREAT/(ice skeleton) has attacked Arbalezt/(Phyllis Pretzel) (NEWHP: 85) (Emergency Shuttle (190, 182, 12))
[2020-02-05 07:22:44.430] ATTACK: Arbalezt/(Phyllis Pretzel) has shot CHETHEGREAT/(ice skeleton) with the laser (NEWHP: 40) (Emergency Shuttle (191, 182, 12))

Ticket #10 22:52:18: Reply PM from- Arbalezt/(Phyllis Pretzel) : Alright. Basically it all started when the CE noticed suspicious behaviour coming from(?|F) the janitor(?|F) and the CMO (of which after the fact I learn that he only told the janitor his objectives as traitor), they apparently invited CE to join a conspiracy, so I asked for both of their arrests. CMO was continuously complaining about it and was on the run for like 20-30 minutes. Meanwhile, we found the janitor, I offered him perma brig until it’s all solved or all the details that he knows. At this point the most logical presumption to make is that they’re blood brothers. I look at the messages between janitor and CMO in one of their PDAs, they have typical blood brother talk, basically summed up to: “do not talk on PDA, AI can hear, meet in private”. ##Well, back to the janitor, he told me the traitor objectives by talking to me, at which point I’m convinced they’re blood brothers, because how else would he even know?##So basically: Very suspicious behaviour, inviting another head of staff to mutiny, signs that po
22:52:47: Reply PM from- Arbalezt/(Phyllis Pretzel) : So basically: Very suspicious behaviour, inviting another head of staff to mutiny, signs that point to a blood brotherhood, being on the run for such an extended period of time, the janitor(?|F) telling me actual traitor objectives, all that lead me to the conclusion of traitorous activity and I took action by permaing him. He requested a trial but there was no lawyer available, I don’t remember what the HoP was doing at the time either.
22:54:53: PM From Kasual/(Old Gertrude): Sounds good to me, mind if I post this on the forum for you?
22:55:05: Reply PM from- Arbalezt/(Phyllis Pretzel) : Please do. No problem with me.

EDIT: Now that I have forum powers I will close this thread. A note with an expiry time was added in case similar issues occur.