HOS Bryce Anderson Player Report

In-game report:

Unknown HOS Ckey Player Report

CKEY: xxchromechops

Your Discord: xxchromechops

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Bryce Anderson

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): Nov 19 2022

Round Number: 41425

Rules Broken: Unjustly executed crewmember and 2 other sentient gorillas

Incident Description:

Was gunned down by the entire sec team on the HOS’s orders, without any warning and ignoring my pleas for them to stop. I was the scientist Kurt Hairpin who turned himself into a gorilla and created 2 more sentient ones. Dying as a gorilla meant I was permanently dead without an opportunity to be revived. None of us gorillas harmed anyone, we were just walking through the hallways and were all gunned down

His intentions are best explained through his conversation with his sec officers afterwards.

Officer 1: So why did we kill them again?

Bryce Anderson: I heard a scientist yelling for help over the radio.

Bryce Anderson: Good enough for me.

I was the scientist asking for medical on the radio as another scientist, Migdorn was attacked by slimes and was dying. We never attacked anyone, even as they were gunning us down and one of the gorillas was escaping


I am quite sorry for the delay
Life was not kind.

Going over this, a few points need to be pointed out.
Non Crew/NT staff does not have the same rights as Crew, or rights at all in most cases.
While this does partly excuse their Actions, they did act in a away that is not the Most condusive to roleplay, or with their fellow Player in mind.

The logs on kibana confirm the Events.
Note applied and report processed.
Thank you very much.