Horrifying Aspects of SS13, Were it Real-Life

Your average space-cuisine, ten-minutes into any given shift



not even including the traitorous abominations running about the station
The amount of gut churning disgusting gorefest visages that occur on regular basis.
would probably let several terapists to retire early


lets check
Industrialized genocide of a presapient species for profit
Horrifically unsafe work environment for engineers where even a touch of the yellow rock instantly reduces you to ash
Literal brainwashing surgery and implants that do that shit for you
Rocks that reduce you to ash
Scientifically provable existence of demons and hell, yet no sign of heaven
Rogue gods and their cults doing actual fucking magic
Where are everyone’s kidneys, like seriously
The existential paradox where the recipe for abiogenesis requires a chemical that can only be produced by living things
The existential paradox where you can just be cloned and have it be a different soul, but get slapped in a plant and have the same soul like what the fuck seriously
Pretty much anything on lavaland

The syndicate is the LEAST of people’s worries in this universe


The fact that the only difference between a 20 pound new world monkey and a fully grown adult human is a single fucking gene.


The inability to take a shit or piss, and the possibility that the place that youre working at isnt better than the so called bad guys.

Ah and dont forget if your station get targeted by syndicate elite strike team armed with NT own nuke, NT wont even send some intern backup (I swear we need some lore text explaining why NT wont send any help, not even some credit to buy guns with)



God. 20292920

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Felinids are real and they are likely your boss.


the gods are just discord moderators


And then people brutally experiment on the humanized monkeys like it’s no big deal

Also, whatever the chef does is probably enough to scar anyone

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I would say the shift where some one though the best way to transmit a disease with all the good vectors was one that made everyone lay fleshy egg sacs every minute or so that heal you and cure you of every other disease and condition if you eat them… but you can od on them and there fumes infect you with the desease… so eggs where everywhere and so where oding lizard people and everyone was constantly laying eggs everywhere.

Just masive piles of them littering every room and hall.


There’s no ceiling, but it still maintains atmosphere.
That implies the entire universe is infinite in X and Y but only has about 10 ft of Z value

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actualy there is a ceiling… it’s added via blue print i think, I read about it, for building bases to send down to lavaland you have to add a celing or they will not work when a storm hits.


Honestly all of these are good for this thread


The fact that SS13 is seemingly a research station that is supposed to research “Plasma” (Not the state of matter.) something that is naturally created as an ore, can be mined, processed, and is seemingly a necessary competent for several forms of life and can exist in every state of matter even produced in a gaseous form by a gigantic yellow crystal which is mined from God knows where. And yet no actual research is every performed.

Also literally the entirety of Xenobiology and just anything that has to do w/Slimes and Slime-biology and Slime life and all the shit you can do with slimes. Slimes, like the IRS, are apparently an eternal fixture of the universe necessary for life to exist…

I chalk Bluespace up to Doctor Who bullshittery.

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This is amazing.

“Why does space circle around on itself?” There is an actual lore reason for this one though.

SS13 is located inside of a Bluespace/Reality warping zone. Thats why Bluespace research is conducted there. People are literally stuck there. Thats why all the shit happens. Thats why NT and the Syndicate arent in contact with any humans.

No i absolutely do not at all regret reading the literal mountains of lore written by bored TG staff about SS13…

SS13 is set somewhere in the 5500s…The galactic civilization that was the predominant power is long past. The Bluespace gates are dead, NT’s region of space is entirely isolated from the rest of Humanity and the other species because of this. NT was a massive part of EarthGov before the collapse and ruled the section of space the game is set in.

Help me im in too deep.

Edit: You can blame Francium for this. Awhile ago, i believe during a late night round, he changed his ghost sprite to one of the Clockwork General sprites. Franc and Deadchat then spent the next hour going through weird and unused mob sprites while we discussed SS13 lore. And then Franc gave me the link to TG’s lore archive and their entire library, which i have bookmarked.

SS13’s lore is deep and terrifying and the Solarium from Goon has nothing on it. Eldritch horror awaits thee oh intrepid explorer of the arcane, esoteric, and obscure.


Station security, the lads supposed to protect you are more bloodthirsty than the merc hired to literally kill everyone

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Nah sec are just an accurate representation of police in American cities.

Whats scarier are the psychopaths NT hires to be wardens and Brig physicians. Im not sure if they look at their list of war criminals or what.

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Everyones so disconnected from reality that cultists turning your friends to dust and using literal blood magic is an average tuesday

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The chaplain literally has a magic rock that can do that anyway.

NT hires chaplains and then lets them legitimately burn corpses as a way of worship.

SS13 is more of an OSHA violation than late 1800s America.

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