Honkhonkclown mentor application

Your CKEY: Honkhonkclown

Your Discord: Clown#7307

How long have you been playing ss13?: 6 months give or take, 250 hours on Bee, 100ish hours on /tg/ before I gave up on /tg/ for becoming shit

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Dimas, and Everett Garrison are probably familiar with me ingame as either Lubius Honkler or Tide Greyson but I can’t really say anyone for sure that would 100% vouch for me as I just decided to write this up. They’re both other mentors that I feel like I’ve run into and played with enough ingame for them to know I know my shit and am robust enough to teach people how shit works.
Game Experience (More Detailed): I know just about every department other than Atmos/Toxins very well. I can set up all the main engine types other than the SM including the Tesla, Singuloth, Solars, and the Antimatter. I know botnis well enough to run botany by myself and get the basic plants and gaia upgrades along with strange seeds, but I’m not a botnis main. My most knowledgable areas are mining and science (with the exception of toxins). I mainly stick to doing Xenobio or Robotics when in Science and know pretty much all the Lavaland ruins and fauna/megafauna and how the ghostroles of Lavaland work.

As far as service roles, I’m no expert on any service role aside from Cargo and Clown but I know how the mechanics work for all of them and can give advice to new players on starting out and learning the roles. As far as Sec goes, I know the different crimes and how the chain of command works and can help new players avoid falling into the trap of shitcurity.

For engineering, I can do anything other than Atmos or TComms and for Medical I know chemist very well, geneticist fairly well, Medical Doctor fairly well as it’s just using the same shit as chemist plus surgery which I know from doing a lot of robotics. As far as Viro goes, I’m competent but I’m not Zesko of the viro clan.

For Command, I’ve played a decent chunk of shifts as HoP and Cap but I’m not a huge fan of them so I can only really give advice as far as who deserves what access and the nuke disk/captain’s powers and duties along with the chain of command.
For Silicons, I’ve played a decent amount of AI but not that much Borg and know the hotkeys for silicons and have memorized most of the Council rulings and stuff from the wiki about laws and interpretation.

I saw that others got -'d on their apps for bans on other servers so I’d like to take the time to address any bans I have on other servers and the reasons for them. Firstly, the only real ban that would concern any reasonable mentor on first impression is my /tg/ perma. It’s less of an UNREPENTANT SHITLER NEVER RETURN permaban and more of a “I didn’t want to bother appealing this bullshit since TG has gone down the trashcan” ban. I was dead and spawned as syndicate and dicked around a bit before self destructing and shitposted in ahelps because I didn’t really have any defense for the bombing and I would get banned anyway and I didn’t really care about playing on /tg/ at this point since I had discovered Bee which was just better TG with no oranges and more robust players. The other bans I have are just from dicking around on furfag stations or adminbus filled ones like Fulp. I have a perma from Fulp for nword, perma from Hyper for killing ERPers with flamer and ahelp responding CBT, perma from Bad Deathclaw for mass murdering anyone with ERP verbs enabled, and a Perma for yog also for murderbone after I was about to get perma’d for nword. None of these were really the kind of ban that would point to me fucking up as a mentor as it’s all just dabbing on furries or just being done with /tg/'s shit which is a common sentiment around here anyway.

Breaking it down into paragraphs might make this actually readable.

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fair enough I’m too lazy to really organize it super well but I at least separated the lines a bit into somewhat organized segments by department/purpose of sentences

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Know him and he’s robust
Also all of his bans are incredibly BASED

+1 for now. You’re robust but you’re also kind of a shitter. Mentor role might be the right kick in the butt to get you acting like a functioning member of society and not the agent of grey chaos.

boomp eet

20 characters nibba

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At a +4 after 13 days, gonna accept this one. Even disregarding my vote, it was still at a +2.