HolyCat banned by Aeder1


Admin’s CKEY:

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:

Which server did the ban happen on?

Ban Type:

Ban Length:

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Round ID:

Ban Reason:
Tried to inject people with deadly virus as non antag viro, when robusted (easily) lead to station wide outbreak of it.

Appeal Reason:
I wanna play on the server again because i didn’t know how to play SS13 now i know every role basics.

Additional Information:
I won’t make the same mistakes.

How’s it going?

Your appeal has been moved to the correct category – game ban appeals. Your appeal will be handled shortly.

Can a date please be included?

pretty well now i am learning basic pvp

Going to do the rare posting of a full record because it’s quite relevant to making the point here.

June 1st
Detonated fuel tank on the shuttle, claims he was trying to refuel the tool and forgot to turn it off.

June 1st
Attempting to space another miner on shuttle ride. Ended up only spacing themselves and was banned for suspected grief account given prior incident this same day. Appealed stating “they thought it would be funny”

June 2nd
Naming policy violation

June 4th
Welder bombing 2, electric boogaloo. Gave almost the same reasoning as the first time about attempting to refuel it. Plausible reason, so no ban again.

June 4th
Being supreme shitsec

June 4th
Watchlisted for general shitler tendencies after observing for a round and seeing their rapidly growing borderline grief record

June 5th
This ban being appealed now about griefing with viro.

In conclusion, you can kick dirt.

Your ban will not be lifted for at least a year and not without a vouch, per our permanent ban policy. You managed to escalate from “new” player to justifiably permanently banned in record time… and based on what has occurred I find it extremely doubtful you’re a new player at all to be frank. This whole thing feels like some extensive japes and seeing how far you can push our lenience.

Regardless of whether you were genuinely new or not, you are very clearly not a match for this community until you go through some substantial behavioral changes. You’ve also been permanently banned from Fulpstation I see, so I hope you learn your lesson at some point before you don’t have any servers left to play on.

(I took over on this because of our permanent ban policy)


Also it happened on sage not golden, not that it makes much of a difference.

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