Hobbies of beestation players

I draw and paint


I have the hobby sometimes sleeping or eating. Both in the same day on rare ocassions


I stalk forums.


I draw and do some 3d animation, modeling and rigging, i also code on unity and make games.
But well all of this is insignificant compared to GAMING !!!

but tbh honnest i preffer to laze around more, like lurking on this forum instead of working right now

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This is fucking sick. Blacksmithing is something I really want to get into but I’d imagine i’d have to save up for equipment and such myself.

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Blacksmithing is something I really want to get into but I’d imagine i’d have to save up for equipment and such myself.

It can be done semi-cheaply with one big caveat.

Most people make their own forges using thermal bricks for the structure and insulation, and propane for the heat source. Nothing too difficult or expensive here just need a place to do it.

Tools have a lot of variability in pricing. Hand tools usually aren’t too bad even for blacksmithing specific things, and you could go even cheaper by getting used tools that aren’t specifically for blacksmithing but work well enough. Power tools are a different story though. Can’t go cheap on them since harbor freight sanders were made with balsa wood in mind not steel.

Getting an anvil is a real SOB though and hugely dependent on your area. They’re rare, expensive as hell new, and are annoying as shit to find and ship if you do find one you can afford. I was lucky enough to be close enough to some old horse farms that I could get a farrier anvil. If you don’t have that opportunity, some people use a piece of railroad track which would work well enough I hear.

That would cover all the basics. If you wanted to graduate beyond making small knives or little doodads though you’d probably want more equipment.


My man is secertly a dwarf living deep within the Norwegian mountains.


I do semi-competitive marksmanship. I used to do archery too, but the one range that supported it near me closed and I live in the city.

I also code PRs occasionally to mixed reception.


i didnt think benbot could get even cooler

I don’t have hobbies that aren’t coding but things I enjoy

  • computers (duh)
  • minecraft mods (I used to make a lot of them, not so much anymore)
  • waterparks (the band, not the… water slide kind)
  • cats (who would have guessed, but I actually don’t own one :pensive:)
  • gay
  • Cybersecurity (I’ve won a national competition or two :eyes:)
  • Studying the mechanism of action of drugs
  • being autistic (and learning about it lol)
  • reverse engineering Spotify, I used to maintain spicetify-cli and I made a thing lets you run the little looping “Canvas” videos from mobile on the desktop app
  • space station 13 (I actually never shut up about this game, my friends hate it)

other skills I have

  • i can actually ride a fucking unicycle (real), basically i am ss13 clown irl
  • game design (it’s my minor)

Downhill skiing, skateboarding, photography, downhill skiing and a lil drawing here n there. Did I mention downhill skiing?

Wanna try snowboarding too

average felinid player

(the joke is that im also autistic)

correction: average ss13 player


My main hobby I think used to be 3D printing, because I had ended up with an old inexpensive one my younger brother had. I eventually decided to buy a more expensive kit. I put it together myself overnight, not sleeping until after I was done. I even sold a few prints.

More recently I’d say it’s a cross between Mycology and Gardening. Of which I started both, due to being able to grow your own food, I feel, is a huge plus in life.

I’d call cooking/baking my side hobby, except that I do it as my professional job. This draws away from my wanting to actually do it as much outside of work.

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