Hijack exclusive syndicate items

Inferno grenade, 8tc, a box containing 2 inferno grenades, these are basically plasmafire in a can.

Auto hijacking data disk 4 tc: Insert into the escape shuttle console to automatically start hijacking it for you, hijacks faster, and the shuttle automatically leaves leaves once it’s finished hijacking, the transit is reduced to 1 minute, anybody can go up to the comms console and eject the disk, causing the entire process to force it to start from scratch when reinserted

Outside support: 14 tc radio which calls in 2 random mid-round antagonists, these are in the roll: Ninja, abductors, swarmers, syndicate sleeper agent, blob.
Useful for forcing a shuttle call.

Ban in a can: 100 tc item, when primed, crashes the server.

I wish the wizard had a “server crash” spell from magicka, which upon use deletes a random person on the screen, with the main downside being that you too are a person on the screen.


I don’t understand how syndicate would get blob, abductor, or swarmer to cooperate with them, they are literally aliens or monsters, 14 tc for even 2 sleeper agents is way too low, even one sleeper agent should cost around or more than 20 tc.

blob could be passed of as an experimental bioweapon, and the sleeper agents are not allied with you

then how does that help you at all if they aren’t allied with you? they are highly likely to do their own objectives or even kill you if you are trying to hijack by murdering people.

its useful for forcing shuttle calls due to chaos they will cause

no that’s just a bad idea that causes chaos, both sage and acacia are RP servers that are focused on having fun via RP instead of winning the game.

The hijack disk is genuinely a great idea

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I’d agree if it was more expensive. 4 TC for basically hijack+ is a bit on the cheap end to me. 6-8 would be more appropriate pricing.

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If we were an LRP server that would be an actualy realy funny idea

Ahem, if you are hijacking the shuttle you are allowed to murderbone

this was just a suggestion, you could rework it however you want. the idea itself is good : auto hijack on a disk for enough tcs to prevent the mass murder weapons (holopara, desword)

Yeah, I agree. The idea itself is good.

Still possible if you can figure out the secret slowmos spacewind technique which I have personally seen killed an entire cult round.

Then he must’ve specified that summon antagonists would have same objective to hijack as him, then I’d agree.