Higher_Life Banned by Admin Bastian0930


**Admin’s CKEY:Bastian0930

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

**Ban Type:Perma

**Ban Length:Perma

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):3/21/2020

**Round ID:13712

**Ban Reason:Stole a bomb from astriker, decided it was a good idea to find out what it does in the middle of chapel

**Appeal Reason:I had no idea it was a bomb, I stole it because i thought it was suspect someone was trying to space it, ran into chapel to get away from the man i stole it from, decided to was a safe area to see what it did, again had no idea it would explode especially that big of a radius as I had never has experience with this type of object.

**Additional Information:Big fan of your servers, it gives me something to pass my time with everyday, I never purposely break the rules besides getting sometimes out of hand with fights, I HAD NO INTENTION OF BOMBING THE CHAPEL OR ESCAPE

Ah so your the person who ruined my round. Thanks a lot for blowing my chapel up

If you didn’t know what it was. Why would it be suspect someone doing anything with it, and why would you steal it.
Why when you opened it where it tells you what it is and does, and then why set it off.
So much does not add up to just what you were thinking maxcapping the station minutes into the round.

Gonna be a solid no from me as I was there for this.
Down from perma to at least a month.

It was a greenshift as was told by two admins in HUGE text in OOC at the start of the round, and you forced two admins into build mode to repair the chapel, departures and medbay. Not to mention all those research points lost.

Bruh chapel was restord? Then i left for no reason :expressionless:

Bumping this up for @Bastian0930 to respond.

But my opinion is ban should stick for at least a month or two, if not stay as perma until appealed again. You’ve racked up an impressive record for your playtime, and given the fact you’ve been playing SS13 since pre-Sseth I find it extremely hard to believe you didn’t know exactly what you were doing.

For the record, I did see this and the other ban. I was just thinking about the ban a bit.

I’ll be setting this to two months.