Heroforge thread

Recreated Nanotrasens 23rd best Quartermaster in Heroforge and encourage you to birth your beloved characters into the 3rd dimension as well


I should do this, actually. I liked messing with heroforge for DND characters so I’m sure it’ll be fun for a SS13 character

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Not sure how I would go about this with a moth, but cool recreation!

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Tried doing Marceline, delivering a bounty to Cargo ready to sock anyone in the face that even brushes against her in the halls, pffbt

unfortunately hero forge doesnt work for gradient hair :frowning:




This will be Chuck/Charlie Finger Graphics in 2018


"Now you are fully aware of the consequences for touching my bike. In the future, be careful on where you decide to rest after I cut your leg off, alright? Alright. - Ruth Less



(this is a neat use of this though)

(how is this a betryal big man, im drawing a blank)

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truly your hunger to dominate the 3d realm is great

so much that you forget you are already there.

(I say this jokingly of course)


your puny cubes hold no match for my curves

(really do appreciate the voxel fisher though big man, didnt appreciate the dig at the sandals in the description however)

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I may be able to smoothen out the model after exporting it to OBJ or something like that in Wings 3d, after that it’ll just be making it look more akin to the facial features depicted in the hero-forge stuff.

No promises as to when I could do that though, I’ve got afew projects going and still have a voxel model que that I should work on.

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what an interesting thread idea it would be a shame if someone had that exact idea ages ago

jkjk I need to actually do some of my new characters anyway


almost 2 years ago, rip

But also, damn thanks for showing me this website, lads!
Here is Matt Smirnoff as seen in their current lawyer streak!

(yes that book is supposed to be space law, and yes he will chuck it at your head)
Let’s see if those piles of money are enough to pay off my blackmail, Taylor.

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I should say this before anyone else tries this

don’t try to make ethereals in heroforge, it just doesn’t look right no matter what paint you use on them

its hard to make something look glowy or crystaline in heroforge, you could maybe do it if you get the pro edition and have access to lighting but I do not

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