Herny beaned by Bass : gamer's requiem

Discord ID: Herny#2589

Admin Discord ID: Don’t remember tag, but it was Bass.

Ban Type: There’s only one type, and that’s permanent.

Ban Length: Fukken permanent.

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): I have no clue.

Ban Reason: Spamming pings, and proving that I have big balls.

Appeal Reason: I want to talk to my chums.

Additional Information: Cheese Omelette.

Can you make sure not to do something like this again? Also pretty sure it was evading

I will not spam ping, but I’m not sorry. I used a second account with nearly the same tag as my main to view and chat with people on the server.

It’s good my man. I’ll unban you, just try not to spam ping again.

he is bas from drop the basss

@Bastian0930 hello no locked thread man.

oh shit you right I got that