Heretic overhaul PR thread

Well it’s been in the works for a while, getting its testmerge today. Am making this so people can leave bug reports and suggestions somewhere that isn’t ghub.

Here’s the PR, by the by :


I think this is very interesting!

and I agree that Heretic is too kill heavy!

However, I can’t help but draw some parallels between this and cultist!

I could be wrong of course!

And its not like its a bad thing after all!

I really hope I get to try it!

That’s pretty interesting!
Just one question
“If they survive, they are teleported back to a random turf with no memory of how they got there.”
How much will they forget? Will they forget you attacking and sacrificing them or just the shadow realm and teleportation back to the station?

It’s fair to assume they probably shouldn’t remember who their assaulter was, i guess it depends on the situation, if you spent 30 minutes in a room with Joe and suddenly you blacked out and woke up somewhere else then… Yeah you can say that you were with Joe for 30 minutes until the ‘‘black out’’, at that point is up to sec to choose to keep an eye on Joe and investigate

I haven’t really played any heretic before this testmerge, so I dunno if any of this stuff is a part of the overhaul or not.

  • It’s not obvious that you need to make a focus, or really even how to make a focus. I only realized the need for a focus until I tried and failed to do Ashen Passage.
  • Tear in reality thingies you touch to get points didn’t spawn at all.
  • Mansus grasp kinda sucks, especially since it’s now highly encouraged to try to sacrifice a head of staff. You shouldn’t need to have to steal a flash from somewhere in order to effectively grab your sac target, because currently, your target can just start crawling away and blasting you with like a PTSD immediately after you grasp them.
  • You’re kinda fucked if your target is like an explorer or miner and dies off-station.
  • Heretic rune takes way too long to scribe.

However, I do like the fact you don’t need to carry around the codex or the heart item anymore. Easier to be stealthy when you can do most of your stuff with just a pen and the bad touch hand.

I also like the saccing isn’t round removal anymore, it’s just a touhou hell mini-game now. No wonder I like it, hehe.

There is a ritual to re-roll a target, I could make it base knowledge maybe.

Yeah the PR kinda somewhat nerfed it, I should revert it
Current version

		C.silent = 3 SECONDS
		C.AdjustKnockdown(5 SECONDS)

PR version

		carbon_hit.AdjustKnockdown(5 SECONDS)
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30 seconds by default, 12 with the book
get the book

Also the PR nerfed the heretic blade damage from 24 to 17, reverted that.

Is this better?


Tear in reality thingies you touch to get points didn’t spawn at all

They explained it was a bug iirc and they couldn’t even manually spawn it so they said “wait for the passive focus granted every 20 minutes”

IMHO sacrifice targets should get a permanent phobia of the supernatural, so that people are not only not allowed to hunt the heretic after being sacrificed, but also can’t do that on a mechanical level (See this PR)

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Yeah I’ll port that after this PR comes through. It’s big enough as-is and the maintainers are still not done reviewing it.

Yep! Much better, thanks.

Okay it’s getting another testmerge right now
and it’s past midnight for me so I can’t oversee it, lovely
Would appreciate more feedback.

Looks like there weren’t any issues reported during the testmerge.

damn it i just got off work to try

Well, good nows, it just got merged.


time to heretic better

Of course it gets merged hours after I roll heretic.

You forget everything leading up to the sacrifice, but you remember the shadow realm.