Helegel27 banned by ZodrakDovah

**CKEY: Helegel27

**Admin’s CKEY: ZodrakDovah

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: BeeStation, LRP

**Ban Type: Server

**Ban Length: Permaban

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 10-08-2019

**Round ID:7755

**Ban Reason: As a non-antag, helped antag to beat his target to death, for ‘breaking glass in med’. Disconnected mid ticket.

**Appeal Reason: I admit what i did was wrong. When the player broke the window and another one started to beat him, i started also to beat him. it seems ok to me and i wanted to try syringe gun in combat. as far as i remember i used syringe to inject poison rather than beating. actually i frustrated because of my past experiences and i stated to play worse. sorry for the trouble. it was a while ago, i played another servers and now i am better in the game, i know general rules and mechanics and antags and so on. i want to come back to the server. i was new to the game then, beestation was my first server and i am sorry.

**Additional Information: About leaving mid ticket- i was playing the game midnight back then and probably i left because i was sleepy. it was not something like i did not care at all.

bump @ZodrakDovah hello there

Well, disconnecting mid ticket is an instant perma ban, and griefing and disconnecting usually is a perma with no trial, you also waited almost two months to appeal while if you were actually new, an appeal should instantly cause for an unban if you were generally new and sorry. My question is why after two months you appeal, besides that unanswered question I don’t really see a reason not to give you another chance due to the time passed and the size of the offense.

I am on collage so i thought it is a good reason to leave the game anyway. But I passed mid exams and turned back, but now want to casually play in beestation since it is LRP, fun to play and rounds generally ends in a hour.

I think he deserves another chance or two.

Bu arada ne okuyorsun?

political science and public adm. -metu final year

bro i won’t mess around again i was new

any update ? @ZodrakDovah

Zodrak is on extended leave from adminning. I’ll try to get a headmin to take it.


Since you’ve already served a month or so, I’ve decided to unban you. Don’t mess up again!